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As expected, this past weekend I played supporting actor in two different skits staged by our community acting club, based on the Carol Burnett Show —

  • Went With the Wind (see Burnett version part 1 and part 2) — I played the Union soldier, a tough act for a Tennessee boy born and bred to pull off. But I’m there to demand back taxes, so that part came pretty easy. And although I never auditioned for the part and never sought after it, I was apparently chosen because of how well I fell multiple times during our staging of The Boardinghouse. In this recent skit, I get whacked over my head with a chair . . . yeah, and now I bet people are already lining up for the chance to do that to me next time such a role comes along!
  • The Old Doctor (see Burnett version) — I played the patient, straight man to Bobby’s rendition of Tim Conway. For our dress rehearsal (where video and photographs were shot), I was wearing my t-shirt celebrating the upcoming Pi Day of the Century. In that skit I wasn’t called upon to fall down or get whacked, but I did get lain atop of and asked to roll over. Again, I imagine people are lining up for the opportunity . . .


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11 March 2015 at 5:51 pm

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