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audibly wired

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i had been reading a dream a man dreamed of coming to heaven, only to find that wires to everything were visible all over th place, everything connected up with wire on wire on wire. at first he was rather surprised and troubled, even almost judgmental as if life on earth had improved on heaven by graduating to wireless. until he realized th power source to which all heaven’s wires were connected and understood that th visibility of heaven’s wires were only that his eyes had been opened to th connections that had always been there even before he had gone there, how there was no “real” wire there in heaven but rather that he had come to a visual understanding of th live connection to th central power

i was recalling having read of that dream as i was taking my seat beside th leader of a small discussion group, serving as unofficial co-leader with th implicit expectation that i would be leading th group after th leader moved on. just as our meeting was about to begin she turned around with a critical comment about th radio station that had been playing background music, since they’d started playing a christmas song, although we were clearly now at least a month past th season when airing holiday music was generally done. but with a comment about th man’s dream of heaven’s wires, i promised that they could anticipate hearing me begin singing christmas music at times throughout th entire year, as but one way to recognize that those wires were always there, open and active and working year-round, if but to acknowledge that in much th same way as every moment can connect via a “wire” to th central christmas moment, likewise was everything else we do so wired

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4 March 2015 at 8:01 am

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