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Wake-Up Call

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we were winding up at th pool and gathering our things for catching th plane back home from th conference, but as i turned from packing up one thing i kept finding that what i’d packed up before had gone missing, someone would steal it away from me when i wasn’t looking, until even my wallet was gone along with everything i needed to board th plane

i was on my way to th plane anyway, hoping to somehow settle about being robbed although i was already having difficulty proving who i was without my drivers license. suddenly i was accosted by two militant women holding knives and guns to my face, demanding money and anything else i had worth robbing. when i tried to point out to them that i’d already been robbed of everything, they had a third woman who was working with them who shot warning shots from a hideout among th buildings lining th street

by th time i managed to break free of them i was completely naked. i had lost hope of even remembering which hotel room was mine by now, but hoped to recognize it if i were to ride up the hotel elevator. as th elevator door opened i shrank back against th wall in case anyone would be coming out, worried about being seen. a woman exited th elevator and began walking toward th hotel lobby, but halfway down th hall she turned and saw me, so then went screaming down into th hotel calling for security personnel. in th reflection of th glass in th elevator i could see for th first time what had frightened her so – my face was very badly bruised and i was bloody all over. i quickly entered th elevator hoping to disappear before anyone came, but another woman entered th elevator to go up just as th doors were closing. she seemed to take pity on my plight so i looked to her for help, but it turned out that she wanted to take advantage of my predicament to force me into a relationship with her that i didn’t want

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25 February 2015 at 11:07 pm

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