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2014 Pension PBO Funded Ratio

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Pension PBO FR 2014 all fy+1 (275)As I’ve been separately exploring in a post looking at plan assets and projected benefit obligations for defined benefit pension plans sponsored by public U.S. corporations, during 2014 the increase in obligations due to lower interest rates outpaced investment gains in assets. The result: a drop in the aggregate pension plan funded ratio, reversing roughly two thirds of the increase in pension funded ratio experienced during 2013.

This chart shows the aggregate global pension plan funded ratio determined on the basis of projected benefit obligations for 1995 through 2014 for 275 companies, including employers with calendar fiscal years as well as non-calendar fiscal years. The data set for this chart uses a fiscal year shift of one month: companies with a fiscal year ending in January are treated as if in the preceding calendar year.

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9 February 2015 at 8:20 pm

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Rest of My Rest

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9 feb  —  4hr48min
8 feb  —  3hr44min
7 feb  —  4hr13min
6 feb  —  4hr24min
5 feb  —  4hr32min
4 feb  —  3hr32min
3 feb  —  5hr24min
2 feb  —  6hr2min
1 feb  —  2hr54min
31 jan  —  4hr38min
30 jan  —  3hr55min
29 jan  —  4hr0min
28 jan  —  3hr58min
27 jan  —  4hr42min
26 jan  —  4hr8min
25 jan  —  5hr0min
25 jan  —  5hr0min
24 jan  —  3hr30min
23 jan  —  5hr5min
22 jan  —  4hr38min
21 jan  —  3hr40min
20 jan  —  5hr51min
19 jan  —  4hr41min
18 jan  —  3hr40min
17 jan  —  4hr51min

Recent records for my sleep, as measured by my Fitbit Flex, after subtracting out periods when the gadget considered me to be awake or restless. Is something near an average of 4 hours per night of rest enough?

An NIH publication suggests that healthy adults sleep on average 8-8.5 hours per night. Yeah, but is that counting all the time spent sleeping, or only the time that Fitbit would call restful sleep? Because I’m putting in close to 8 hours per night of time when I’m not consciously awake, so maybe I’m ok.

Shortly after college, upon learning that Edison slept about 4 hours each night (as reiterated in a recent article on sleep deprivation, I spent nearly a year restricting my sleep to 2 hours per day. I only ceased that habit when a close friend persuaded me to test how much better I would feel if I sleep closer to 8 hours per night for 1-2 weeks. After agreeing to his experiment, I felt no better than with my own routines . . . but then I found it impossible to return to that preferred routine, at best managing only stretches when I would do 4 hours per night. Even so, some of the ideas that I worked out during that one year have survived to fuel projects I work on to this day.

From November 1986 through December 1987, I averaged 100 hours per week of hard work, as I assisted the Administration and Congress in the development of pension funding reform. But I had little else to occupy my time those days, so I don’t recall too many short-sleep nights.

During my life I’ve experienced two periods of severe sleep deprivation. First, in 1991 I averaged about 40 minutes of sleep per night during the 30 days when I wrote my book. The result: I wound up in the hospital with total amnesia. Then almost exactly 20 years later, in 2011 after my shenanigans I experienced a period of zero sleep for a stretch that lasted upwards a week or more. The result: what the doc in charge of my head called organic brain syndrome. OK, the morale of that story seems to be to steer clear of sleep numbers that get too close to zero for much more than a few days in a row.

But was that 2-hour habit during my youth really so unhealthy? And more to the point for today, should I worry that Fitbit has me resting little more than Edison used to spend sleeping? Like, perhaps the chemicals that gave me hallucinations in 2011 and that crashed my head in 1991 are not all that disconnected with chemicals that can enhance creativity, when taken in moderation, relatively speaking. Just wondering . . .

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9 February 2015 at 4:09 pm

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