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Breaking the Rest?

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So yes, as suspected, SuziQ needs treatment to deal with sleep apnea. Don’t worry, love, you’ll feel like a brand new you before too many more nights have passed.

Meanwhile, she’s found out that I also have sleep apnea. Oh, had I forgotten to mention that? Yes, I’ve been told so numerous times before. I think they even registered some sleep apnea episodes during some of my hospital stays (and no, I’m not counting the Shenanigans). I never took it all that seriously. Maybe when you’ve encountered as many interrupted waking moments as I have throughout my entire life, having a few interrupted sleeping ones doesn’t seem all that unusual.

2015-01-21 09.22.26But as I noted, the feature I found most interesting of this new Fitbit gadget has been the record it keeps of my sleep. And for instance, here’s what Fitbit registered for my sleep a night or two ago. Over 3 hours 40 minutes registered as “restless” during a night that credited me with only about an hour more of sleep than of restlessness. Which is quite close to how I remembered the night as being for me, once I finally rose for the morning, so I have every reason to trust how Fitbit is measuring things. And that night’s record was typical – some nights Fitbit has credited me little more than 2 hours of sleep, and about the only time I’m chalking up more than 6 hours for any 24-hour period is when I can find the time to squeeze in a nap or two.

Yet all in all, I put “restless” in quotes here. Because while I do find the Fitbit tracking to be interesting and useful to me, I feel like I can get useful rest during these frequent breaks. So except for those nights when I’ve dropped below 3 hours of full sleep, I’ve not been feeling the fatigue that has been plaguing SuziQ.

But we’ll see. After she has her own apnea under control, perhaps we’ll finally look into it for me. Or else simply think of a usual night for me as a series of brief naps.

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20 January 2015 at 8:20 pm

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