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Cheesy Kisses

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grilled cheeseUsed to be, I was rather expert at cooking up a good soup. I had practiced making a sufficiently wide variety of soups and chowders and bisques and stews well enough to know my way around the pot, well enough to be able to pretty accurately identify the ingredients in most soups I tasted, well enough to modify recipes to my own tastes and to make up a few of my own from scratch. Then I simply stopped making my soups. Maybe it was that split pea soup that came out so poorly because I was trying to squeeze it in between all the other things on the stove that one Thanksgiving, or maybe it was how I just stopped caring about cooking (along with just about everything else) during those years of my life.

For a time after abandoning my soup pots, at least I became quite a regular at making French toast. And at grilling hamburgers. Not quite the same as cooking up a good soup, but at least it had me helping to make instead of only helping to consume. But then since my shenanigans, even those brief episodes over the stove faded into memories from a previous life.

It’s way past time for me to get back up on that particular horse. Grilled cheese ain’t much, but it’s more than I’ve done at the stove during the past 3 years (other than helping to keep the stovetop clean), so grilled cheese will do me for a restart. Besides, traditionally grilled cheese makes a good accessory to a winter soup. So watch for a new board on my rusty Pinterest page for grilled cheese variations, and don’t be too surprised to catch me ordering a grilled cheese sandwich when I find it on the menu of any of our local restaurants, and please put up with how I’ll be hovering over the cheese selections at our grocery stores.

And before this year is behind me, the French toast and hamburger routines will return. Then maybe by the time I retire (from the Cube, not from the kitchen), I can start cooking my soups once again.

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18 January 2015 at 12:05 am

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