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In Defense of the Lay

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concerned that a position he was advocating would not prevail against sophisticated opposition we were mounting through our lobbying organizations, a legislative staffer decided on a strategy of filing a lawsuit against us accusing us of practicing law without a license by virtue of th legal nature of the legislation we were promoting. his challenge was taken seriously enough by my colleagues that in a secret meeting they were all in favor of suspending our initiative. i alone urged continuing our efforts and i vowed to persist even if as a group they decided to abandon their project, even if they were to disassociate from me when i continued my own efforts, even if they themselves tried to bar me from continuing my own efforts, even if i remained alone

i gave a speech about how th ordinary everyday person ought be encouraged to participate in any way in th recommendation and support of legislation, even to the extent of recommending th exact language that was to go into th law, lest we become a society ruled by th very elite. i reminded them that our country was founded by men and women who were not lawyers. that while non-lawyers certainly ought not practice law in judging and carrying out th law many certain circumstances, just as we don’t look to lawyers to be th police who enforce our laws, likewise th making of laws must not be th exclusive province of lawyers

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17 January 2015 at 7:05 am

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