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Rescheduled Routes and Routines

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Beginning next month, our trash pick-up is being re-routed. Shifting our trash schedule from Mondays and Thursdays to Wednesdays and Saturdays. One nice benefit: Thursdays were being skipped every Thanksgiving; and Mondays were getting missed for maybe half the holidays of the year. So yes, whenever Independence Day or Christmas or New Year’s fall on a Wednesday or Saturday, we’ll still skip a beat on trash pick-up; but we ought to see those less frequently than on our Monday-Thursday schedule. At first, though, it will take some getting used to: my Monday morning trash/recycling routine has typically been coordinated with my participation with our community’s Special Projects Group meeting; and my Thursday morning trash routine has typically been coordinated with my attendance at our community’s Men’s Discussion Group. My Wednesday and Saturday mornings are currently clear of comparable activities. Maybe I will have to look into finding something new to do. For the sake of our trash.

A linear mapping, so to speak.

2015-01-15 09.28.45My usual way does have its fixed points. Fridays, for a start. I have my iPhone and my other iDevices settings as shown here: my week starts on Friday. On Friday every 4th or 5th week, I close out a month of timesheets for my workplace’s monthly project reporting system — that always ends on a Friday, no matter what day the month itself ends on — and then I open up the month to follow. Similarly, on Friday every other week I close out another fortnight of timesheets for my workplace’s time reporting for keeping track of leave and for paying salaries and such; and again, I immediately open up the next-coming fortnight. Every Friday morning I signal the end of my usual workweek with the weekly conference call by which the final years of my career will be most known; and after I retire, I will replace that conference call by spending every Friday morning practicing with one of our community’s music groups (and likewise have retirement replacements lined up waiting to take over the Friday slots now held by my timesheet routines). Every Friday, I remove my past week’s clonidine patch from one of my upper arms and place a new clonidine patch on my other arm for the coming week (examples from 18 jul 2014 and 16 jan 2015). And accordingly every Friday I begin a new drawing that will be displayed on the cover for the clonidine patch that I’ll start wearing the next Friday, as I preserve the retired patch along with notes with assessments on the week completed and expectations on the week to come. And along with my clonidine patch-changing routines, I refill the weekly pill container I have for my oral medications for the coming weeks morning and evening dosages. And along with numerous other routines and rituals to my typical week, every Friday morning I remember the Friday morning when I last died, renewing my thanks for the life I now live and reigniting the life I will be living.

2015-01-15 10.12.54So yes, Friday is when I start every new week. I can’t be the only one doing so, right?—else why would Apple have given me the option to do so, versus simply limiting the options for starting a week to maybe only Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Go ahead, don’t be shy, raise your hand if you start your week every Tuesday, every Wednesday, or every Thursday. Or if, like me, you begin every week on each Friday. So that your January this year looks like mine does, as shown here. For which New Year’s Day this year was the last day of that week for us, and for us MLK Day falls mid-week this year.

Or is this a route I alone have rescheduled for my own trash pick-up? Well then, as long as I’m setting my own clocks, this date – the 16th – is when I start each new month of mine. Today I’m beginning my 41st. Eh, but who’s counting, right?

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