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Sunny Disposition

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sunny dispositionOur weatherman promises we’ll finally see some sun today. After a week of cloudy skies. After less than a handful of clear skies since the solstice.

I’m ready for it.

But it looks like we’ll be right back to a streak of cloudy forecasts for the foreseeable future past this brief spell of sun. So let’s make good of it while we can — on my task list for today:

  • Walk double, triple, maybe more my usual day’s distance around the loop, maybe up to Ashley’s workplace and back, put some good miles under my feet out in the sunlight;
  • Work out in the yard, in the back garden we started last autumn, cleaning out more of that front garden we bought into, getting things ready for the spring no matter how far away that still feels;
  • Reacquaint myself with Weathermob, which has been doing without me since all we’ve had this winter have been gray skies after gray skies after gray skies after gray on gray on gray;
  • Head up to the pool and get a start on this season’s tan;
  • Create a water color painting of the return of bright colors to our world;
  • Check out the moon, watch Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and relocate Canopus and Algol and all those other stars I’ve been waiting patiently to see again (after sunset, obviously); and then . . .
  • Head back inside and get the fireplace going strong again, so we can be set for another month of cold cloudy skies.
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15 January 2015 at 6:47 am

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