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Prediction: Irreversible Damage

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An actuarial prediction for January 2017: Our next President will face a job that needs to be done with a public workforce against which irreversible damage will have been committed during the 8 years of the Obama Administration.

Supplemental prediction: not a single item on the Administration’s current to do list will be successfully accomplished.

Two years ago, I predicted trouble ahead. Now already today, concrete adverse effects are beginning to show up. Good talent is leaving public service and new talent is increasingly difficult to attract. Badly needed projects are being permanently shelved. Public employees are finding it difficult if not impossible to get the training they need to stay abreast of developments and are being restricted against properly educating the public. Existing laws are being left with little or no enforcement, while what little new law Congress is putting into place lacks adequate government resources to administer. None of these developments are minor, isolated anomalies — they are the very real fast-receding ocean presaging an unavoidable tsunami. Before the end of the Obama Administration, we will have a Federal workforce that is not fully functional for any of the duties expected by the public.

Would the Tea Party or any ultra-conservatives who claim to want “small government” at any cost find this all to be cause for celebration? I find it sadly indicative that the website for the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum emblazons its home page with a banner proudly proclaiming one of President George H.W. Bush’s most enduring legacies – “Promoting Public Service.” OK, perhaps President George H.W. Bush was not the darling of conservatives, but while Presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and other Republican presidents made progress in giving us an efficient government, it took the supposedly “socialistic, big-government” Obama to destroy the respect and value of public service as has been done these past six years. And Obama’s own decisions deserve complete blame — the damage has not come at the hands of Congress, the Tea Party nor any other decision-maker.

Irreparable damage to public service will be Obama’s most enduring legacy. Our children’s children’s children will be seeing adverse effects that historians will find easy to trace back to these 8 years.

The White House seeks input on what should get accomplished during the next two years. Characteristic of its disregard for the Federal workforce, President’s Bush’s “Promoting public service” is not one of the items even on Obama’s radar. Regretfully, not a single one of the items the White House does list as a possible initiative has any hope of getting accomplished with a Federal workforce that is in decline and that has to “work” under a President who just doesn’t give a damn.

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Written by macheide

14 January 2015 at 6:41 am

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