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This Instant’s Coffee

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One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee ’fore I go
To the valley below

Bob Dylan, One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)

In my world, that “one more cup” would be a bottomless cup. In my world, it would come from a coffee machine hooked up directly to my hot water heater with a built-in filter system that required a simple change only every decade or so. In my world, that coffee machine would have its coffee ground on demand from a wide variety of blends available internally like those swank new freestyle soda machines they have that dispense hundreds of variations without more user intervention than pushing a few selection buttons. With the dairy and sugar substitutes added just as easily, even the occasional nip of a liqueur. And whipped cream when it suits me. With something drizzled on top, perhaps. In my world, my selections could be made from my desk or armchair via an iGadget app, with the ability to have Siri take my order by voice. Oh yeah, I’m move my lazy butt enough to actually walk to the kitchen to retrieve it when it’s ready, but let the machine power up out of energy-saving mode and start brewing via a wireless connection through my network, instead of making me stand by the coffee machine waiting for it to do its business while I waste time playing watchpot. In my world, the coffee machine would then dispose of its own grounds, at most making me empty its waste no more often than I change our cat litter boxes. And most of all, in my world the set-up and operation of such a coffee machine would be simple and intuitive, with instructions that can be easily understood without having to call the coffee machine company up on its 800 help line.

my new coffee machineBut luckily for the world, the real world ain’t my world. What my world does have is a new Kuerig coffee machine for Christmas. Which is so whizbang new-fangled that I can’t figure out exactly what model it is from the machine itself nor from its instruction manual. Nor can something resembling it be very easily found on the Kuerig website, even via a search; so if I were to want to recommend this model to you, I would be at a loss how to do so except to send you to SuziQ. Which might be the best thing anyway, since I had to turn to her to figure out how to get the thing to work, and even she had to resort to that 800 help hotline to figure it all out. Really, when already my Fitbit gadget has been doing quite well encouraging me to keep up on my daily water quota, it’s dangerous to make it this difficult for me to feed my favorite addiction.

Eh, not really. I’m sure I’ll be an old pro at this new machine before Suzi’s as adept at the new equipment Santa brought her. So, thank you very much, SuziQ. One more cup of coffee for the road, please.

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Written by macheide

6 January 2015 at 12:01 am

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