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Sleep Well, My Love

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Sleep well, my love. Sleep long into tomorrow.
May dreaming fill the changes in your night.

Maggie Weaver, Sleep Well, My Love

SuziQ left directly from our family’s late Christmas gathering last night to do an overnighter at the sleep clinic, on the advice of a doctor who suspects she suffers from sleep apnea. Sleep well, my love.

But that’s not what this blog post is about; that’s just a note passed to her along the way. Meanwhile, her puppy is sleeping in jail tonight. Although I was only away from the house no more than 15 minutes to drop her off at the sleep clinic, I arrived home to find that what little Christmas wrapping had been left out of trash bags had been shredded. Luckily, it doesn’t appear Gabby touched any of the new Apple items or anything else of value, but she’s cooling her heels in the slammer all the same.

But that’s not what this blog post is about; that’s just something waiting for SuziQ when she gets back home from the sleep clinic. Meanwhile, I spent the first part of my evening alone catching up on my walking for the day. And catching one of the past fortnight’s rare bit of clear skies to watch the moon turn full in Cancer.

personal biofeedback gadgetBut that’s not what I came here to blog about; that’s just part of what occupied my evening after dropping SuziQ at the sleep clinic. What managed to capture the center of my attention was something that caught Kelly’s eye during his visit: my personal biofeedback gadget. Perhaps the oldest working gadget still in my possession, I’ve had this item since my college days, courtesy of my friendship with Bernie. Set on improving his alpha waves, Bernie had some rather advanced biofeedback equipment; and he was always rather intrigued with how much control I had over my brain activity, benefit of years of private experiments with my fugue states. So for some birthday or Christmas or just to honor the friendship he and I had, he gave me this little toy (comparable to this gadget on the market today, but the one Bernie gave me having a bit more aesthetic beauty).

A toy which I confess to having used only sporadically the past several decades. But since my shenanigans, I’ve been finding good excuse to unplug, to cherish my sleep more, take my time at things I take time for. So placing this gadget out where I’m likely to be picking it up more often is rather the natural thing for me to be doing again, and picking it up rather regularly should do me quite nicely.

For now, I’ll only turn to it on nights like tonight, when I’m on my own. Or when SuziQ is heavily involved on one of her projects in her sewing room. Since the device gives its feedback via a sound that might be annoying to anyone in the room other than the person using it. But with a personal goal of returning to the level of control I had back when Bernie and I were experimenting and to a relaxation as deep as any good sleep, this relic gets dusted off and brought back out of retirement.

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5 January 2015 at 12:39 am

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  1. The breath you’ve been losing, you’ll keep
    when we’ve given you unbroken sleep.
         And in morning’s cold wet
         you won’t cold nor wet get,
    since it’s warm and dry out in our Jeep!


    11 January 2015 at 6:27 am


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