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Week #21: 2015 May 14 – May 20

My 21st week of tracking my walking with my Fitbit gadget —

  • Through May 16 of 2015 I had walked far enough since starting to use the Fitbit Flex, that I had done the equivalent of walking from home to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. *sigh* But I’ve been overly active in too many things since the beginning of March, and I’ve encountered a few late-winter colds and more than a few stormy days, and I’ve simply not kept after my exercise as much as I ought. Plus I keep forgetting to wear my Fitbit all the time, and this record counts only my Fitbit steps without adjustment for the device’s undercounting and without estimating uncounted steps. All in all, nothing serious; not so much as a stubbed toe here; I’m protected from such curses. But with my own dalliances, now I’ve finally passed the threshold at which at my average pace since Christmas 2014, if maintained through the remainder of 2015, would not get me to Times Square until New Years Eve, a week after my target date. So I’m long overdue for picking my pace back up!
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29 December 2014 at 8:26 pm

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