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Fitbit Nitwit

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Fitbit FlexI got a a Fitbit Flex for Christmas! Thank you, SuziQ!

My favorite feature of the device so far: the sleep pattern function. I had been keeping track of my sleep recently via the Now/Then iPhone app, but my tracking routine was rather haphazard and aimless, in part because I had no good way to adjust for times when I would be up during the night, sometimes with patches of insomnia. My first night using the Fitbit function appears to have been rather close to what I remember of a rather rough night, interrupted by too much coughing after exercising my throat too much yesterday too soon after recuperating from a cold. Give me a series of consecutive nights using this new gadget, and I’ll have something I can work with.

I’m also keeping track of my walking and my hydration with Fitbit now. And once again have begun keeping a diet record, something I’ve been even more haphazard with. It might take me a bit before I get into using the gadget to help me track my daily exercises, but that too should be less sporadically managed once I bring that into the Fitbit model.

But the very best thing about my Christmas Fitbit is that SuziQ picked up one for herself at the same time. Anything at all is fun when it is done with a good friend, even exercise! Thank you, SuziQ.

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26 December 2014 at 5:19 pm

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  1. Another feature I’m liking about this Fitbit Flex gadget: its silent alarm. Currently I’m using it for one single alarm: to signal the beginning of my daily Unplugged Period. I had an alert set on my iPhone, but there too many days when I am away from my iPhone at that hour, and there are even more days when I am somewhere where I don’t want my iPhone alarm sounding then, so I sent my Unplugged Period signal to my iPad. But then turned it silent there because there were too many times it would go off for others while I was off somewhere else, and my iPad is with me even less at that hour of the day than my iPhone. But the silent little buzz on the wrist delivered at the appointed hour by this Fitbit Flex has been working quite nicely.

    I know, there will be those always looking to invent new things to ridicule me about, who will scoff at me using a gadget I wear 24/7 to mark an unplugged session for me. Yet they would not scoff at the alarms set by others that rule our daily lives, or the regular calls to worship of Muslims or other ritualistic disciples, or at the regular calling of the moon or the rising of the sun. This buzz on my arm is no different. Besides, I don’t yield to this gadget any degree of control over my life; rather, I use it to help me live my life and to record the moments I live.

    More silent alarms to come, in time.


    28 December 2014 at 4:32 am


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