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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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Workaround #5: Composing E-Mail

 Almost every e-mail I compose to send out involves content I am copying-and-pasting from some other application. I’ve grown impatient with trying to do so under iOS8 hoping for that rare occasion when it actually decides to work correctly. So . . .

My Workaround: I’ve gone back to composing almost all my e-mail on my Windows-based laptop, where of course copy-and-paste still works as it should.

The only e-mail I still compose on my iPhone comes when I am in transit, with my laptop not at hand. Even then, unless the e-mail is urgent, more often than not I am no longer using my iPhone to actually send the e-mail, but rather am composing the draft on my iPhone with notes for where I want to insert content, then waiting until I can come back to my laptop so I can do the copying-and-pasting I wish to do, then hitting the send button on the laptop. If that seems silly to be putting e-mail traffic on hold like that, well yes, what Apple has done with iOS8 is quite silly, very sadly so. Whereas what I’m doing by putting e-mail on hold like this does spare me from wasting any more of the time that I have been throwing down the drain trying to achieve the same result via my iPhone.

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[more, much more, of this post will follow shortly — I use copy-and-paste continuously in my work and home life and play, and I’m done having that be interfered with by iOS8 . . . perhaps not too long from now I might find myself using my iPhone as nothing more than a phone? . . . . possibly so . . .]

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14 November 2014 at 3:41 pm

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