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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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Workaround #4: Spotlight Search

 Gee, every Apple executive and employee must actually manually type what they want to find into that field for using Spotlight Search on their iPhone or iPad.

Not I. Almost every time I had been using Spotlight Search, I had been copying-and-pasting my search term into the search field (partly since Apple has not yet figured out that it would be nice to give Spotlight Search as one of those send-to options, such as they do for e-mail or print or send-to-app). And I had been doing such copy-and-paste Spotlight Searches several dozen times each day, since that gave me quick warp-drive tunnels to content I needed in my e-mails, my notes, my appointments and other content open to spotlight searching.

It’s not as useful when I have to re-type a search term over to Spotlight Search (or in the case of some stuff, to have to write it down on paper so I’ll remember the proper spelling or whatnot, then to write it down again into Spotlight Search). So instead of several dozen spotlight searches each day, now I’ve been known to go days without a single use of Spotlight Search. I might almost soon forget the functionality is even there.

My Workaround: I have re-acquainted myself with the search functionality of Windows, my e-mail service, and other programs and apps … all on my Windows-driven laptop, of course. Which frequently turns out to be better than Spotlight Search anyway, since they can find a searched-for term within a note or e-mail or appointment, versus merely pulling the document then making me hunt for what I want past that threshold.

So I guess maybe I should thank Apple for that one. In the end, I’m better off not using Spotlight Search at all.

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14 November 2014 at 3:41 pm

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