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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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Workaround #3: Twitter Traffic

 For about one out of every dozen or so poems I read, I tweet what I’ve been reading at poetalias, one of my Twitter accounts.

My routine for composing poetalias tweets relies heavily on copy-and-paste:

  • For poems I’ve read online — after all, the Internet has extended my poetry bookshelf to hundreds of thousands of poems!! — I don’t type out the poet’s name and the title of the poem manually (after first copying that to a piece of paper, if I’m tweeting on the same device on which I’ve browsed to the poem). Obviously, I copy-and-paste my reference material over to my tweet post.
  • For poems I’ve read offline — even for poems I’m reading in my own library, generally I have been keeping notes in my own journals . . . notes that include many of those same items I would be copying-and-pasting from an online version, such as author, title and so on. If I’ve already got that info in a journal, why re-type it all over again? I don’t. Or at least, I didn’t until iOS8 came along and forced me to.
  • My poetalias hashtags and @-references are all copied-and-pasted. Weren’t computers supposed to free us from having to type anything more than that first time?
  • I prefer to prepare an early draft of my tweet off in an environment – usually, a simple text file – where I can edit and review before direct encounter with Twitter itself. Personal reasons for that, including keeping track of supplemental notes that I keep for my own purposes and other stuff relating to my poetry reading. Then obviously I don’t re-type it from scratch into the Twitter posting field; rather, I copy-and-paste.
  • Often — most notably in my recent poetalias traffic, during my reading of Dylan Thomas poems — I will use Hootsuite or some similar service to schedule my tweets in advance. Again, I don’t write such content on the fly, off the cuff, within that separate app. Rather, I draft the content elsewhere, then copy-and-paste it to the scheduling app.

Before iOS8, I was handling all of my Twitter traffic on my iPhone or iPad. Now iOS’s copy-and-paste failure has made that a hit-and-miss game that almost never hits what I aim to do. I’ve stopped even trying, and won’t go back to checking to see if that ever works again, having already wasted too much time on it.

My Workaround: I have moved all my Twitter draft text files (via e-mail, since copy-and-paste from the iPhone would have been another waste of time) to Windows notepad files. And now I go to Twitter on my laptop, under Windows. Heck, I may as well delete Twitter outright from my iPhone, since even my Twitter reading activities make heavy use of copy-and-paste . . . which as with everything else spoken of in this post, iOS no longer handles properly. So if I now do all my Twitter writing and reading on my Windows-driven laptop, why take up the space on my iPhone to bother keeping Twitter around. Thank Apple for that, Twitter.

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14 November 2014 at 3:41 pm

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