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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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Workaround #2: Calendar Events

 I frequently insert web links in notes for a date I have on a calendar. I’ll put the time for the next solar eclipse on my calendar, and I want at least one link – frequently there will be several links – to NASA and other sites with info on that and subsequent eclipses. I have an extensive calendar of poets’ dates of birth and dates of death that I’ve been migrating over to my iPhone calendar, and I always have at least one Internet link for each of those calendar entries. There will be a historic date I wish to remember, and again I’ll post a link in the calendar entry notes. Or even a fad date, such as National Cat Day, and once again an Internet link is always useful to have on hand. But even for personal appointments and anniversaries and such, there are many occasions when an Internet link can come in handy.

Although I’ll grant that I might do that with my iPhone calendar more extensively than the average user, surely Apple must have expected users to include Internet links in calendar appointments. That is, unless their programmers are even worse than this copy-and-paste debacle suggests — like, as in the fact that an iPhone calendar note’s Internet link is live: click on it, and you’re taken to the Internet site on Safari.

OK, Apple, so how do you expect us to get an URL into our calendar entries? Oh, I see. From the Internet site I wish to link to, write the URL down on a piece of paper, then create my calendar entry and in the note field, type the URL in manually. Surely that must be what Apple expects, since copy-and-paste almost never works anymore under iOS8.

My Workaround: I no longer use my iPhone to create any Calendar entry, except when I’m in transit, and even then as soon as possible I pass the iPhone’s calendar entry over to a 3rd-party calendar service that I can access from my Window-driven laptop, which of course still respects its users enough to have its copy-and-paste function working quite fine. I then handle insertion of any URLs and any other copy-and-paste content (since the URL is only one of many copy-and-paste details that I frequently encounter in creation or edit of a calendar event) via the 3rd-party calendar service. If I want the calendar entry back on my iPhone iOS calendar, for the current moment I can still easily pass the complete calendar event back over to my iPhone easily enough . . . although with this cut-and-paste debacle in mind, who knows when some new version of iOS will take that away too? More often, though, I’m finding that I don’t even need to take the calendar event back to the iOS calendar, but instead simply use the iPhone to read the 3rd-party calendar.

So my iOS calendar is seeing almost none of the creation and editing of any of my calendar events anymore, except briefly in passing until I can get to my laptop. Leaving my iPhone to be used only for viewing the content I’ve created with equipment and software that can handle elementary functionality.

Adios, Apple.

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14 November 2014 at 3:41 pm

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