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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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Workaround #1: This Post

 I rarely draft any WordPress blog post directly within the software WordPress itself provides. For one thing, more likely than not my blog posts echo the very origin of the idea of “blog” — a weblog that is designed to link to other pages on the Web; so for starters, I am generally coming in here from or pointing off to some other URL (as, for example, in the poll I give in this post). And I could point to some URLs that seem to be trying to rival the number of digits in pi in their length. Trustworthy copy-and-paste is essential for URLs small and large.

And of course, this particular post being a prime example (but also being typical of many of the posts I do), I rely heavily on HTML code for everything from list bullets to tables to text formatting to layout, et cetera. And although WordPress will do some of that for its writers, I don’t like the way they do it, so I always write my own HTML code. But almost never from scratch; rather, I have a side file where I keep a pile of templates for particular HTML elements I frequently use, then copy-and-paste those elements into place as needed.

And even beyond the URLs and any HTML in any post I write, I rarely develop a post in a linear fashion. From the very first document I ever wrote with a word processor back around 1980, through to the book I published in 1991, and on down to today for most anything small or large, business or pleasure, I have always used a document file more like I would use a scratchpad, with scribbles and words and ideas and whatnot all over the place, only pulling it together into some moderate logical form at the end of my writing/editing process. For all it gives us, WordPress’ basic post editor isn’t suitable to my writing style. Instead, I have always drafted my posts elsewhere, then copied and pasted pieces over to WordPress once I’m ready to fly.

Apple’s iOS8 doesn’t care to be involved in that process anymore.

So, the Workaround — For any iPhone apps (there are several dozen, currently) that I use for developing pieces of a blog post, I no longer try to copy-and-paste into the WordPress iPhone app. Instead, I e-mail the content from those apps to an external e-mail account. I then put down my iPhone and pick up my Windows-operated laptop, retrieve the e-mail with its content, come to an IE browser window to open WordPress, and copy-and-paste the content into my blog post. As was done for this blog post. As will be done for all future blog posts. Adios, Apple.

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14 November 2014 at 3:41 pm

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