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Hey Apple . . . Copy?

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A Poll for Apple Executives
Concerning the Reliability Failure of iOS 8
on Its Copy Function




As for me, this Apple failure has wasted too many hours in the past two months alone, hours I doubt Apple will ever give me back, no matter how counter-intuitive they make their next “enhancement.” So I’ve finally come to the same decision I had to make with Microsoft software: I hereby vow to abstain from any new version of iOS or any Apple app or product until at least one year after release. If they don’t care to hire good quality control and instead let their customers waste time suffering from their blunders, let someone else do it.

And I’m even tired of attempting to find work-arounds to this copy-and-paste mess. All of the workarounds I’ve seen suggested or tried out on my own – none of them work any more consistently than Apple’s own copy-and-paste mess. It almost has me wondering if Apple threw a random number generator into its copy routines: there seems no predictability to its behavior at all.

So on the pages that will follow in this post (which will be updated over the coming days and weeks and months), I’ll be refining my own “workarounds” all of which can be most succinctly summarized as follows: “Cease using Apple equipment and Apple software for anything more productive than wasting time with games.”

  1. Workaround #1: This Post
  2. Workaround #2: Calendar Events
  3. Workaround #3: Twitter Traffic
  4. Workaround #4: Spotlight Search
  5. Workaround #5: Composing E-Mail
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