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Not Going Shoeless

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love your dreams and you will love your mind

after our concert, i changed into my street clothes and gathered my things – my instrument and th tux they’d bought each performer and th luggage i’d brought along after checking out of my room before the performance – ready to head to th bus for our trip home

outside th streets of boston already had a thin layer of snow from th blizzard forecast to be coming in

but before our chartered bus arrived, i hesitated – i couldn’t remember packing th fine dress shoes they had bought each performer, to go along with th tux. so i returned to th room where we’d prepared for our concert then packed up after, only to find th area already occupied by th next group who’d leased th conference center, a craft show

i could visualize in one swift glance all of th scenes my dream ought to have then been progressing through, as i looked down to realize th reason i’d not packed my dress shoes had been because i was wearing them

[& woke on th thought of how unusual it was for me to be heading back out to th bus instead of endlessly searching on and on and getting sidetracked on distraction after distraction and being unable to find anyone who might know where lost items could be found and all sorts of other frustrations . . . for once, i had everything i needed to have, that being so unusual that i hadn’t even bothered to look to th first place my shoes were most likely to be]

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30 September 2014 at 6:01 pm

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