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Dead Level Best

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levelRaise your hand if you’ve ever used your iPhone’s Compass app. No? Haven’t yet been on a camping trip and been lost in the deep woods? Haven’t yet turned on your iPhone high on a flight to check out what direction the pilot is really taking you? Haven’t yet (and likely won’t ever) taken the time to decide whether Settings should use true north for the compass? Maybe even forgot all about that Compass app long ago when you tucked it off into a nuisance folder along with Newsstand and other Apple apps you know you’ll never use but are not allowed to get off your iPhone’s screen?

Well, I suppose I probably had noticed this way back when, but only recently during a comprehensive overhaul of all my iDevice screens and folders and apps was I reminded that the Compass app carries two screens: first, the compass itself; but second, a level tool. Somewhere among my various folders I know I have at least one 3rd-party app that uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to provide a level tool. And perhaps I might eventually resort to that other app when I want to use my iPhone as a level, since Compass seems to want to require re-calibration every time the app is re-opened.

But how frequently do we need a level tool anyway, right? Yeah, except recently I used my iPhone Compass app’s level up against a ruler placed on a wall for hanging a new frame, when I wanted to be sure the ruler was placed exactly vertically. Then, satisfied with how Compass had helped, I went down the hall and around to all our rooms, adjusting every frame (all of them except one lone perfect one) that was not hanging precisely level. And now will be re-checking each frame after each time we dust the house, if not more frequently. So an app that I’d been completely ignoring now will be seeing regular action.

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8 August 2014 at 8:24 am

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3 August 2014 at 1:43 pm

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