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Floor Fadin’ From View

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jellybeansI’m losin’ sight of my floor. In danger of slidin’ up the stairs to the next story up. Lettin’ my jellybeans go stale.

Let’s remind me how I got here. I knew I was miles above where I needed to be, what with not even my loosest clothes fitting anymore and my rings getting too uncomfortable to wear but nigh impossible to remove. Then that photograph of Suzi and me as Sonny & Cher last Halloween was simply embarrassing. Even so, Thanksgiving and Christmas were looming, so I postponed my best intentions. Then mid-December last year I was asked to play and sing as Tennessee Ernie Ford in a production to be held late April of this year. Playing a pregnant Cher was bad enough, but I had no good excuse for doing a tubby Cousin Ernie. So even before Christmas, I started working on bringing my weight under control.

As near as I can estimate between October and December weigh-ins, I peaked at something over 225 sometime late November 2013. By the time Nat gave me one of my fave treats for Christmas – jellybeans!! – I was back to 220 and headed down. So instead of eating my Christmas jellybeans, I turned them into a visual aid showing progress: one jellybean got saved to a jar each time I lost another tenth of a pound from any previously gained floor since Christmas. Over the course of the spring, I had to increase the size of the jar twice to the current size, which will be my last jar even if I return to healthy weight control, since filling out this jar would take me back down into unwanted underweight territory.

My target for my Ernie performance was the mid-180s. That target I didn’t quite reach, but I managed to get close enough: 191. And kept at it well enough during late April and May to set my current floor at 188. At which point a tech issue on my iPod – where I’d been keeping track – erased a portion of the most recent records I’d been keeping. And as yet I have not yet resumed regular weigh-in. And have been less strict with my food choices and portion control. And have been exercising much much less than I did during winter and spring. And we shelved the jellybean jar during an extended visit from the children we frequently have as guests. With the inevitable consequence: bye bye floor, and no new jellybeans for the past two months!

It could be worse. But as of my most recent irregular weigh-in this past weekend, I weighed 195.2 – still cruiserweight, yet uncomfortably floating up. For the first half of 2014, I have three motivations pushing me: I kept our Sonny & Cher snapshot handy as a continual reminder of what I didn’t wish to see; I had a target image and a deadline for that TEF performance; and I had my jellybean jar. For August, let me set this single goal: by Labor Day, let me be able to add at least ten new jellybeans to my jar.

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24 July 2014 at 5:25 am

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  1. So for my August push to 187, at least I’m starting out from the low edge of my May-July range. Although I haven’t seen my 188 floor for three months, most of that period has been spent in the rather tight range. from 192.4 through 195.2. This past weekend I hit the top of that range of that range – 195.2 – for the third time this summer. But yesterday I was back down at 192.4 – the lowest edge of that range. No if I can avoid bouncing back up, then push that lower edge back down where I had it in April, I’ll be on my way to my Labor Day target.


    24 July 2014 at 4:40 pm

  2. Past several days have been hovering between 190.2 and 190.4, so the 196.0 bounce I did last week might have been the worst of it.


    31 July 2014 at 4:50 pm

  3. Still keeping relaxed enough to enjoy regular feasting – like, for an anniversary dinner out, for Marjorie’s visit, and any other occasion that might be called special for any good reason – and not push myself as hard as I ought on exercise – like, for one thing going way way way too slack on planks and leg lifts and push ups, plus still not yet getting around to making jump rope routine.

    Yet keeping the faith on the basics – walking anywhere close by, skipping out on donuts for weekly meetings, et cetera – has brought the summer doldrums under control. Bringing me down solidly into the 180s, within less than half a pound of breaking new ground below the lowest post-shenanigan floor reached two years ago during that summer’s cruiserweight campaign.

    Low enough, in fact, to start getting comments from others in the community. Mainly from the women, who seem very interested in how I did it, until they hear how all it takes is a donut a week and walking to my meetings and doing it over a full year – they don’t want to give up that donut, they like driving even if only to next door, and they want to lose it all in just a month. In contrast, the men who have inquired into my weight loss take care to be sure it’s not coming from any health concern, since cancer or some other serious problem is the cause of weight loss for too many of our age.


    2 October 2014 at 2:15 pm


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