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Ain’t Got My Number?

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3119Help me out, here. I’m only a pension actuary. These days that only means we know the tax code, which is only a tangle of legal terms. We let computers do all the numbers now, so most of us haven’t seen a real digit since ERISA. So tell me, doesn’t this snapshot show a number?

Because at this morning’s hebdomadal meeting of our special projects group, the candidate for our community association’s vice president position opined that part of the problem with a failed delivery this past week might be that our buildings don’t have address numbers on them. So I’m not too sure what this snapshot could be depicting, then.

The failed delivery: UPS was attempting to deliver some new ice machine equipment. Reason given by UPS for failure to deliver: unable to locate our main building’s street address. How many times UPS delivers items to our main building: countless, probably almost daily. Method used by UPS to notify us that this time they couldn’t repeat all their other successes: mail, sent and delivered to the address of our main building . . . apparently trusting the postal service to get it right better than UPS could?—ummm, then hey UPS, how ’bout sending us that ice equipment via USPS? Reminds me of when the voters’ registration folk sent me notice via USPS to my legal mailing address that they couldn’t process my voter’s registration because USPS couldn’t locate me at my legal mailing address. Huh?

Like c’mon, aside from the fact that our address is plainly visible and commonly known and used all the time by UPS itself, what UPS delivery person has an item on the UPS vehicle as so obviously major as ice equipment; then upon failing to figure out what every other UPS delivery person knows, doesn’t think to phone any of the contact numbers on the delivery form, doesn’t think to phone a UPS supervisor, doesn’t perform any basic checking on any broadly available mapping software, nothing . . . just takes it back to the UPS office, where supervisors act just as dense about the obligations they accept by offering a delivery service?

I myself had to hike myself over to the main building after our special projects meeting to confirm my memory that everyone else on our team had been incorrect in their agreement with our VP candidate, that in fact all of our buildings have things on them that do look suspiciously like address numbers. I had to double-check myself on my memory, yes, partly because I myself had been surprised when I first noticed it, amused at how long it had taken for me to notice it was there. So often, things that seem so obvious can be right in front of our eyes for years without us taking notice. When I first did notice that “3119,” it sparked one of my odd little ideas: one of these days I am going to make the rounds taking dozens of snapshots like this “3119” one, then put together a local trivia game inviting players to identify what and what each snapshot is. And in the case of this snapshot, perhaps I should forward a copy to UPS. (And to our VP candidate….)

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21 July 2014 at 9:07 am

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