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paul’s friends wanted us to go out “crashing bars” – not just cruising around to several of th local drinking holes, but leaving each of them in shambles from raw rowdiness. paul had grown more settled since those college rituals and seemed reluctant because of what pat might say, so we paused plans at an impasse. during th interlude i slipped off to my fave area in th place where we then were, returning with a cheeky grin and holding a plate exhibiting its own form of shambles, chuckling at myself as i told paul and his friends, “i crashed th salad bar”

An Adrien joke in a dream? Yes, it’s about as bad as any of my waking jokes, so dull as to not even be thought of by anyone else as a joke. “Threads,” Suzi would say, for how those all keep getting crossed in my head in frequently odd nonsensical ways. But there is at least a smidge of what countless puns and many other jokes use as their hinge: use of a word — in the case of my dream, two words, “crash” and “bar” — in a different, unexpected way with an odd connection that usually gives some amusing implied meaning to the original definition of the word. And although such odd connections are so commonplace in dreams as to be the essence of a dream, I can’t recall ever before telling a joke in any of my dreams. I wonder, do people like Woody Allen or Steve Martin frequently tell jokes in their own dreams?

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20 July 2014 at 5:58 am

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