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Clutter Control 20 Jul 2014

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A friend of mine, Sara, used to draw litter maps of the litter she would pick up around her neighborhood. Her litter maps told stories to her. Her sketches themselves were art in their own unique way.

I think of Sara’s litter maps as I open up a new category for aftermath: clutter. My clutter maps might not be the art Sara’s litter maps were, but mine do speak at least to me, telling me what I’ve been up to and reminding me of what I haven’t yet gotten around to doing. Provocative.

For my clutter control, I’m going to rename the side table in the living room between the two chairs I am to be most commonly seen: “Daystand.” Obviously as a nod to its companion bedside clutter zone, “Nightstand.”

Today’s clutter zones are near to clearing time, since I want things completely tidy before a pending visit from Tim & Shelby & Kya & Griff (coming to pick up Rosemary from her weeklong visit). Against my recent habits directed at daily tidying of my clutter zones, both Daystand and Nightstand are moderately cluttered, due to the usual hectic activity combined with a week consumed with community curb power washing together with watching after Rosemary.

daystand 20 Jul 2014Daystand — Most of the current standing clutter on Daystand came from an activity cloudburst that swept through yesterday afternoon, left untended while we were out at a community event. Mapping counter-clockwise —

Bicycle Reflectors — front (white lens) and rear (red lens), a pair for Suzi’s bicycle and a pair for mine. After purchasing these reflectors maybe a month ago, I had planned to finally attend to getting them actually on the bicycles, since I couldn’t seem to get them to work sitting in their packages cluttering up the kitchen counter. After struggling mightily to get the battery compartment of one of the red reflectors open, the project stalls at finding we have no spare AAA batteries in the house. We need 12, not counting having any spares on hand for the next time I have a task I don’t wish to see stall. Clutter Control: Reflectors sent to a shelf in the garage, with battery need reminder added to our shopping list.

Napkin — left over from the breakfast Jenny brought in for me yesterday morning. Clutter Control: to my napkin stash for upcoming chore duty.

Mophie Mini User Guide (black booklet beneath the napkin) — left after reading for the Mophie mini portable battery procured during this past week. Clutter Control: temporarily sent to my Closet Dock Box.

Red Felt Holiday Pocket for Starbucks Card (beneath the Mophie Mini User Guide) — looking for a new commission after jettison from my Royal Traveller bag during reorganization of that bag for car duty. I wouldn’t much miss this red relic if I were to “lose” it to trash, as it holds no sentimental value, but will postpone that decision for now. Clutter Control: temporarily sent to my Closet Dock Box.

Green Water Bottle — nearly empty. I have slipped a bit the past several days on my water target, so “clutter control” in this instance means refilling the bottle and keeping it in my hand or nearby as I go about my other morning chores.

Viking Pen (red, south of the Mophie Mini User Guide) — for now, this pen will remain on Daystand through today’s tidying, as it seeks a commission that will give it a duty worthy of how much I like its feel and flow.

Clonidine Patch Cover (barely peeking out to the southeast beneath the napkin) — for now, this patch cover will remain on Daystand through today’s tidying, as it seeks a sketch in preparation for use with slapping a new patch onto my arm.

Book on Fermat’s Theorem (yellow, southwest corner of Daystand) &mdsah; awaiting entry into my new personal library’s new catalogue, toward entry onto my latest personal reading list, toward actually getting around to preparing for heavy-duty study planned for pending retirement. Clutter Control: entry into the catalogue, book returned to its usual position on a living room shelf.

Coffee Mug on Square Coaster (empty) — following today’s clutter snapshot, I heated myself up a fresh cup of coffee, which is being enjoyed while I am drafting this post. Clutter Control: after finishing up this cup of coffee, the mug will be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, since I will have reached my current 2-cup quota for coffee consumption. The coaster will go in Daystand’s top drawer for future use.

iPhone — currently at 62% battery charge level. Clutter Control: sent to the kitchen recharge station, then will wander around the house with me.

Rescue Inhaler (yellow and orange) — retrieved from my white trousers, where it had recently seen duty during the recent 4th of July community event through a period of several days when I’d had breathing issues. Clutter Control: returned to Nightstand top drawer.

Screw Drivers (2 tools, east of Fermat’s Theorem book) — staybehinds from unsuccessfully trying to use them to pry open the one difficult bicycle reflector battery case. Clutter Control: returned to their place in the proper toolbox.

Spare Pens (barely visible, beside the screwdrivers) — seeking new places and commissions after being cleared out of my Royal Traveller bag during reorganization of that bag, as previously herein mentioned. Clutter Control: temporarily dumped into Daystand’s top drawer (which is quickly approaching the point of badly needing its own clutter control attention).

Glass Plates (2) — collected from the breakfast Suzi made for herself and me. Clutter Control: rinsed and placed in the dishwasher.

Library Book: Stevie Smith Poetry — for now, this will remain on Daystand through today’s tidying. I may not complete full transcription as I’d hoped to achieve before returning the book to the library this week, but I do plan to transcribe a few more poems before then.

iPod (on top of upper portion of Stevie Smith book) — currently in active duty. Clutter Control: sent to my shirt pocket to go through my day close to hand.

Emery Board (sticking out from beneath iPod) — in continual use. Clutter Control: sent to Daystand top drawer.

Finnegan’s Wake (orange bookcover peeking out beneath Stevie Smith book) — left standing from my most recent session of transcription for my Finnegan According to Apple. Habit is that I take Finnegan off its usual spot on a living room shelf only when I am prepared to take the time to do some transcribing, immediately do that transcribing, then immediately return the book to its shelf. Yesterday’s distractions derailed me from habit on this one. Clutter Control: returned to its shelf.

Envelope — contains a copy of paperwork given to me by a community citizen who plans to be a tax whistleblower against someone he knows to be violating tax law. I obviously cannot give him any advice and probably ought not have even accepted this copy of his documentation (although it would have been difficult if not impossible to keep him from talking to me about it). But although I won’t discard this envelope with its contents, neither will I read through it, so obviously won’t have to worry about what to say to him if he asks. For now, I’ll simply hold onto it where I will be able to quickly locate it if need be. Clutter Control: temporarily sent to the Closet Dock Box.

Ticket to April 2014 Copacabana Event — cleared from my wallet when I retrieved the tickets for yesterday’s Caribbean event. Clutter Control: commissioned for duty as bookmark for 2000 issue of Best American Poetry.

And leaving only the library’s Stevie Smith book, a cover for the forthcoming week’s clonidine patch and the red Viking pen, Daystand clutter has been cleared.

nightstand 20 Jul 2014Nightstand — This being the first time this category has made it into aftermath, I’ll start by pointing out that I don’t consider the following items to be Nightstand clutter, rather can be found where they now sit in their permanent places, regularly serving assigned active duty: pen holder (behind lamp, periodically requiring its own round of clutter control, but otherwise given its permanent place on Nightstand); blue Bible (northwest corner); bronze Milliman Memento Holder with Memento Pad (permanently topped with self-portrait sketch of myself) topped by glasslike ARL Paperweight; and lamp. For all else, mapping counter-clockwise from the north side of Nightstand to the left of the lamp —

iDevice Notebook (barely visible seen edgewise standing at the back of Nightstand to the left of the lamp) — just this past week recommissioned for active duty for notes on my iDevices, upon giving it one of my Apple decals for embellishment. Fine, but it won’t find a permanent place on Nightstand the way my Bible deserves. Clutter Control: temporarily sent to the shelf beside my Closet Dock Box.

Rimbaud Book — currently giving me occasional nighttime reading, so for now it can stay here on an extended lease. Eventually it goes back to the shelves with the rest of my poetry books.

Flash Drives (tangle south of my Bible) — released from relative obscurity out of one of my Royal Traveller bag’s pockets. I need to scan through the files on each of these and recommission each to active duty. Clutter Control: temporarily sent to my Closet Dock Box.

Wallet (half open to my driver’s license, likely indicating it’s way past time to clear it from its own clutter) — not needed until next excursion. Clutter Control: sent to its usual holding place in my Closet Dock Box.

Japanese Coaster — left in place for now for service beneath my water bottle, which I’ve brought here from Daystand during its wandering through my day. Whenever the water bottle moves off Nightstand, this coaster habitually goes into Nightstand’s top drawer.

Keys — not needed until next excursion. Clutter Control: sent to their usual holding place in my Closet Dock Box.

Mophie Recharge Cord (between keys and lamp) — awaiting personal task of putting together a travel kit for the car. Since I want this to remain a high-priority task, I won’t even send this cord off to my Closet Dock Box; rather, for now it gets to remain as Nightstand “clutter.”

Bedroom TV Remote — lingering from this morning’s use. Clutter Control: sent to its place beside the TV.

Community Library Book: Creative Things To Do — (yellow book on the bottom of the book pile on Nightstand’s eastern edge) — borrowed as one of the two initial loans I borrowed this week from our community’s library. Clutter Control: sent to be temporarily carried in the back pocket of my Royal Traveller bag.

Rollo May’s Courage To Create (bedroom copy, on top of the yellow book) — since this is giving me my current non-poetry non-Bible nighttime reading, for now it gets to remain as Nightstand “clutter.”

Dylan Thomas Poetry Book — for my poetry reading Twitter account, I am currently reading a Dylan Thomas poem each day, scheduled to continue doing so through his 100th birthday this coming autumn, so this volume from my personal poetry library will remain close by through at least that day. Clutter Control: sent to the main zipped compartment of my Royal Traveller bag, typically to stand between my iPod mini and the black Mini Milliman Folio.

Library Book: 20th Century Women’s Poetry — currently nearing the end of its first fortnight, seeing readings nearly every evening, so currently gets to remain as Nightstand “clutter.”

Pressure Washer Rental Company Business Card (leaning against the left side of the book pile at east edge of Nightstand) — in anticipation of further developing ideas for possible future power washing of community streets, curbs, sidewalks and other common areas, I currently want to hold onto this where it won’t easily get forgotten or lost. Clutter Control: sent to left business card pocket in the black Mini Milliman Folio in my Royal Traveller Bag.

And with that, except for permanent placeholders and items granted temporary leases, both Daystand and Nightstand are currently clutter-free!

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20 July 2014 at 12:02 pm

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  1. I’ve done a quick sketch for my clonidine patch cover for this week’s clonidine. So that brief Daystand holdover has been sent to my right arm. A new blank patch has been sent to Daystand’s top drawer for working on a sketch toward next Sunday’s scheduled clonidine repatch.

    The red Viking pen that I used for today’s sketch, also a brief Daystand holdover, has found its place: clipped into the back pocket of my Royal Traveller bag.

    Other than my iPhone, which reached 100% charge and is now back to tagging along with me, and my water bottle, which has moved off Nightstand to be on a coaster at my side when I’m sitting out in the living room, Daystand now holds only the library’s Stevie Smith poetry book, which expects to see transcription action later this afternoon.


    20 July 2014 at 3:07 pm


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