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Par Hasard

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Several months ago, interested in supplements to my self-prescribed sudoku therapy, I took passing interest in numbrix puzzles in each Sunday paper’s Parade magazine insert. Enough so to sign up for e-mail delivery of Parade content, thinking that would provide further supply of numbrix puzzles.

Whether it does so or not, I’ve not yet had the time to investigate. Suffice it to say that beyond the numbrix puzzles buried deep in a back page of the magazine, I pretty much have zero interest in Parade itself — celeb gossip and general sociable chatter. But just in case the e-mails might actually include numbrix puzzles, I have at least bothered to save each Parade installment in a mailbox folder.

35, close to 40 years ago, the Rebel picked up a recipe for a special apple “pancake” from Cosmo magazine. From Cosmo? Yes, every now and then they actually have content with a smidge of RSV.

About a week ago, something triggered my memory of that special apple pancake, and I attempted to describe it to Suzi. Not managing to do very well with my description, but I did get enough of the essentials right: a huge single pancake that is more like a large pizza; texture and taste closer to a souffle or omelette than a traditional pancake; and baked in an oven rather than fried in a pan. But it was almost one of those had-to-be-there things.

I verbalized the thought that maybe I could dig up the recipe by inquiring directly to Cosmo. After all, it ought not be difficult for their archive folk to find one of the few recipes they’ve folded into their sex tips and gossip. But seriously, such a probe would have gone to the bottom of any of my numerous task lists, if it had even made it past that toss-off stray suggestion.

So then, within 3 days of my description of the apple pancake to Suzi, along comes one of these Parade e-mails, and the lead story lending its title to the e-mail subject line had to do with 20 delicious pancake recipes, and the recipe shown first of those 20 was none other than the same pancake Cosmo featured more than 35 years ago.

So, what are the chances? Cosmo, perhaps the least likely source of inspiration for anything I might like, least of all something to eat. After over 35 years. Something out of the blue sparks the memory. Then within 3 days I get the recipe I wanted delivered right to my e-mail via Parade, an info source almost as foreign to me as Cosmo.

Coincidence. Pure coincidence. But one of the better ones I’ve found lately.


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