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iPod Reset

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Considering exactly when I was given my iPod and what else happened that day and what ensued during the following week, and considering how closely my electronic devices and the resulting tangles of files have seemed to many to so closely resemble my own head, is it any surprise that crashing the iPod back to square one would be inevitable?

About a month ago, one of the premium apps offering itself temporarily for free failed to download due to problems with Apple’s App Store. A few days later the same app revisited its offer after Apple had fixed its problem, and I was able to install the app. Naetheless, since then my iPod keeps telling me that it is unable to purchase the app, grudgingly hanging on to the original problem. And ever since then, the entire device has been quite incorrigible, taking very long to work though even the most basic procedures and continually attempting to update various other apps seemingly at random. Last night was extremely frustrating (apologies to Suzi for how I allowed a mere machine to get the better of me) – merely attempting to listen to a tune by the Band in memory of Levon Helm, the iPod spun in circles for over an hour, continually restarting itself and going off on wild fugues and generally unresponsive to all attempts to take control, even ignoring hard restarts. So after shrugging off any data loss from what I’d not yet backed up to the laptop, I introduced the device to my local Apple store’s version of a code blue.

Coming back to sync, I’ve decided to rebuild the device piece by piece, versus attempting to dump the entire pile back on and then putting it back on the weight loss program I’d begun after it started its shenanigans the past month. So, first non-installed app to be brought back: Bible. And first tunes to make it back: the ones recently launching my iTunes exposure.

I suppose I’ve missed a great opportunity to do another totally unplugged period. Oh well.


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20 April 2012 at 5:30 pm

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