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My First iTunes Purchases

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I’m like the boy last left standing on the boat dock after every other kid has jumped into the water, unsure whether it’ll be too cold for me or what else might be swimming below the surface or whether I’ll stay afloat or any other excuse I can come up with. More than six months after they went ahead and got me an iPod for my birthday when I was in no position to return it, and more than three months after I grudgingly went ahead and switched to an iPhone as long as Suzi was getting one too, until now I’d avoided actually purchasing any music on iTunes.

And as long as there is a Half Price Books anywhere near me, I may not have purchased my last CD. But Suzi’s right, that I don’t really listen to CDs anymore, rather only burn them to any of the last CD-equipped computers we have left, then sync them to the iDevices. I’d felt the CDs to provide me better assurance that if anything went wrong, like how my Zen vision:m quit working, I’d still always have the CD to burn again; but now I’ve lost upwards of 20% of my CD stockpile somewhere in the clutter, so that’s no excuse anymore.

So, my first iTunes purchase: Ingrid Michaelson, singing her The Way I Am. Like how I can remember nearly fifty years later the first time I ever heard Dylan, I won’t ever forget the first time I heard this song sung, and it plays often in my head, always bringing me a warm smile. So it makes for a solid first dip in the iTunes swimming hole.

And then if it were not going to be my first iTunes singles purchase, then my first iTunes album purchase could be none other than Dennis Brain doing the 2nd horn concerto composed by Ricard Strauss. Of course, picking up the 1st horn concerto and the Hindemith for the ride. My all-time favorite music of all – even including anything Dylan – is Strauss’ 2nd horn concerto, and nobody – not even Tuckwell – will ever come even remotely close to comparing to Brain. If ever I want to try to explain what I look for in music, all I need do is key up a few particular measures early on in that 2nd horn concerto and have Brain play side by side to Tuckwell; and like comparing a French chardonney to a Californian chardonney, my tastes in music become very obvious.

Not yet but soon will be my third iTunes purchase, a single: Space Oddity, by David Bowie. Because some 12-14 years ago, even before we had smart phones or PIMs or even mp3 files or the like, I used to have a clock radio that played Space Oddity (from a CD long ago lost) to as the alarm that would wake me every morning. After that, we’ll be needing to set a ration level for me, else I’m very likely to spend our entire tax refund and more stuffing my iDevices with all the Beethoven and Philip Glass and Keith Jarrett and AWOL Dylan and on and on, hours and hours of listening pleasure. There, that’s one last advantage CDs had over iTunes: although I tested the boundaries of our CD storage areas, at least there was a bit of a restriction on how much how quickly I could reasonably accumulate; whereas since iTunes takes up no more space than what my computer’s hard drive can stomach, I could too easily crave years’ worth of music at a moment’s notice.

What were your first iTunes purchases, and why? (I won’t put that in terms of “what would be,” since I’m sure I must be the last kid on the block to be in on this game.)

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16 April 2012 at 1:46 pm

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