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As Close To Pulling the Plug As I Might Get

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So, I guess it’s the usual bit about anything in life, about having a choice. In this case, either I go back to sporting a moustache and beard, or else this morning saw about as close as I might get to going completely unplugged. At least, until I’m off the blood thinners. Since I take it from the scolding I got, that I was supposed to know that a normal razor blade is off limits to my skin for now. So rev up the electric shaver, and let that be as close as I get for now to going a stretch unplugged.

The main part of this stretch meaning that from late last night until after lunch today, I remained completely offline. Neither of the laptops turned on even for weekend virus check routines, no iPod use, nothing on the iPhone. Relaxing, it felt to be away for that brief period. Enough to consider making that stretch a hebdomadal habit.

And who knows – maybe if I anticipate it enough to shave before I go to sleep Saturday night, I might actually come that much closer to going completely unplugged come Sunday morning. Which, when it comes to pulling the plug, is maybe about as close as they’re going to allow me to get, I suspect.

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1 April 2012 at 6:21 pm

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