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Perfecting the Future Imperfect

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I’m done starting anything new. Except for this one last new thing I’d already recently started: shutting things down.

Yesterday I settled into what will be the final year I will have been working on my favorite hobby: my spreadsheet of pension disclosure information, which includes details going light years beyond what any of the formal studies look into. Even for me to say “final year” plays the weasel: I ought to say yesterday I opened a new corporate financial statement for the last time, input a new piece of data for the last time from one of the financial statements I already have, for an existing trend rounded out the data for the last time, selected a subset of companies and hit recalc for the last time, even so much as opened the spreadsheet the last time. For this one, shutting down will be a longer process, I think. Still, I’ve turned the corner. I will start nothing new on the spreadsheet. And anything further I do on it will be aimed toward closing it down.

Some things I won’t be back to. I’ve already played my last game of chess. I’ve already ridden my last century on a bicycle. This is not quitting. I’ve done what I wanted to do, and I don’t need to keep doing it for it to have been done. Other things I will return to, as I have returned to this account, for the purpose of closing things out. I’m not finished cooking soups or making teas. I’ve not yet seen all the new words I want to know. But even for those things I will be starting nothing new. It is time to turn toward closing the books.

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27 March 2012 at 5:56 pm

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