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Searchin’ Seizure

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Added to my collection of recent medical ID bracelets this morning. Seems to hit me about once every decade or so – first most dramatically and heavily in 1991, then around 2001-2002, now about a decade after that second one: this morning, my third major seizure.

Major, but nowhere near as disruptive as my first two seizures were. By the time I was being carried from my home, I was arguing with the emergency personnel that I was ok to stay. And with the incident occurring just before 4:30am, I was discharged from ER around 10am, even though they’d taken enough time to do a CAT scan, a chest (?) xray, an EKG, test a urine sample, and go through whatever other procedures they would have needed to muddle through. Curiously, no EEG, although one nurse told me the CAT scan would have given them what they needed to know. (I already knew. I know what I’m doing.)

Favorite hospital experience of the incident: when a certain nurse from the second floor happened to have come down to the first floor to look in on several of his own patients, but stopped up short on passing by the door to the ER room where I was, then came in to chat for a few minutes — the main nurse involved in the CPR that brought me back 8 times last autumn.

Favorite overall moment of the whole morning: talking with Suzi. Although I know I alternated poorly between losing focus (after-effects of the seizure) and motor-mouth (from how great the past day has been), I myself finally felt settled about expressing the “why” behind the choice I made to come back last autumn.

And a special thank you to Jenny, who accompanied Suzi to ER during today’s early morning hours. Although she had a full day of rough work ahead of her, and although she’s had about enough of my “shenanigans,” she’s been a good friend throughout, and it was good to see her smile when I saw her in ER.

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24 March 2012 at 8:03 pm

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