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iApp Notifications

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This morning CNBC quickly persuaded me to bar their app from notifications: I left my iPod streaming a news podcast while taking a quick shower, then discovered I’d lost access and control until I’d first waded through more than a dozen minor CNBC notifications handed over one by one. No thanks – notification rights are a privilege to be treated with respect to the user, not an open door to trivial spam.

My iPod and iPhone still being quite new, I’ve not yet paid close attention to notifications. Except for one or two other apps as egregiously abusive as CNBC, I’ve pretty much allowed anything to have open rights to notification. As I refine that practice, I’ll return to this post to record any further modifications.

Update 1/13 – Now have completely removed CNBC from my iGadgets, since it has been ignoring all notification blocks, both Apple’s and it’s own. With enough good business info from many other reliable sources, I don’t need their arrogance interrupting me even when told not to. If I can get my stuff straightened out for making reviews, they are worth the time to give a bad review to.


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12 January 2012 at 9:08 am

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