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Shuffle #4

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After syncing the Cohen 2008 concert CD added to my collection this week, we’re now shuffling out of 4377 tracks –

1 – Rollin’ and Tumblin’. Bob Dylan. Modern Times. [6:01/6:01] Good one to queue up next bout of insomnia.
2 – Barrytown. Steely Dan. Pretzel Logic. [3:22/9:23] Doing things strange.
3 – Sinner’s Prayer. Ray Charles & B.B. King. Genius Loves Company. [4:25/13:48] I could do with more of B.B. on the Zen.
4 – Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat) Bob Dylan. Street Legal. [6:16/20:04] Mediocre.
5 – Charmaine. Jim Reeves. The Unforgettable Jim Reeves. [2:11/22:15] When blue birds are mating?
6 – Villanelle for Our Time. Leonard Cohen. Dear Heather. [5:56/28:11] Lennie recites a villanelle!!
7 – Houston. (unidentified artist and album) [2:57/31:08] A country & western number, from one of the mp3 files Jim sent me, I think. “Here I am in Houston, and I’m one day closer to you.”
8 – Meeting Across the River. Bruce Springsteen. Born to Run. [3:19/34:27] Pure gold from the Boss! One of the best I’ve ever heard for rhyming and keeping form in something that still sounds like it came straight off the street!
9 – Island Girl. Elton John. Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Disc 1). [3:44/38:11] Not one of my faves from Elton.
10 – Most Anything You Want. Iron Butterfly. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. [3:42/41:53] One of those never-heard pieces from the flip side.
11 – Sing Another Song Boys. Leonard Cohen. Songs of Love and Hate. [6:15/48:08] “They’ll never, they’ll never ever reach the moon, at least not the one that they’re after.”
12 – Love’s Recovery. Indigo Girls. Artist’s Choice: Sarah McLachlan. [4:22/52:30]
13 – Stories of the Street. Leonard Cohen. The Songs of Leonard Cohen. [4:35/57:05] Curious! – without hitting any of the tracks from the new Lennie concert CD, the Zen still seems to sense that this shuffle belongs to the man born with the gift of a golden voice!
14 – Stagger Lee. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Murder Ballads. [5:15/1:02:20] Let’s just say this one won’t go out to the pool CD player, unless we wish to be exiled from the neighborhood.
15 – 17 Year Locust. Rob Zombie. Educated Horses. [4:06/1:06:26] We’re in that segment of the shuffle, one would gather.
16 – Are You Ready? The Fairfield Four. Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan. [2:36/1:09:02] LOL! The previous two tracks in this shuffle had me thinking that I needed maybe George Beverly Shea or one of the praise songs to queue up, to wash my head out. This about does the job.
17 – The Girl from Ipanema. Astrud Gilberto. Classics in the Key of G. [4:03/1:13:05] Still steering clear of the Cave/Zombie mudhole.
18 – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? Jim Reeves. Golden Hits. [1:29/1:14:34] He keeps forgetting. . .
19 – To the Sons of Man. Killswitch Engage. Alive of Just Breathing. [2:02/1:16:36] Headfirst back into the mudhole. This one will be one of the first to disappear when I get short of space.
20 – From Me to You. The Beatles. 1. [1:56/1:18:32] We’ve had several that were under 2 minutes this shuffle.
21 – Thoughtless Kind. John Cale. Fragments of a Rainy Season. [2:40/1:21:12] So if you get tired of the friends you made?
22 – Love Touch. Rod Stewart. Encore: The Very Best of Rod Stewart, Vol. 2. [4:03/1:25:15] Is this Rod’s first appearance in the shuffles?
23 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Elton John & Kiki Dee. Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Disc 2). [4:28/1:29:43]
24 – Parlami d’ Amore &etc. The Three Tenors. Best of the Three Tenors. [2:51/1:32:34] Can one get much farther from track #19 of this shuffle? Not just in style, but in quality, in ability, in reality even?
25 – I’m So Blue. Veggie Tales. [3:28/1:36:02] Ditto, although perhaps not at the same hoity toity level as the tenors.
26 – Stairway to Heaven on Glass Harmonica. Peter Bennett. [1:42/1:37:44] Another sub-2min track. We;re headed for a record low with this shuffle’s duration.
27 – Mary Was Pretty. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2) [2:04/1:39:46] And another relatively short one. They needed to know more women? Nah, Joanie would’ve thrown a fit.
28 – Angie. The Rolling Stones. Jump Back: The Best of the Rolling Stones 1971-1993. [4:32/1:44:18]
29 – The Island. Barbra Streisand. A Love Like Ours. [4:37/1:48:55] Absent a miracle, we won’t break the 2-hour threshold for this shuffle….
30 – Flute 1. Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Indian Classical Maestros Vol.1. [26:50/2:15:45] …And we get our miracle in the form of one of my Indian music CDs! This shuffle had been aiming for a record low below 1:59, then shot to a record high past 2:11!!

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