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Zen Shuffle 3

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Shuffle 30 out of 4340 tracks, including 3 episodes of The Writer’s Almanac synced over this past week –
1 – I Can’t Keep from Crying, Sometimes. The Blues Project. Anthology (Disc 2). [4:27] Good Al Kooper to start this shuffle, but one I’ve rarely heard played.
2 – Colorado Trail. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2). [2:50/7:17] Not one of the ones on any of the several KT records I had during my childhood, so this one is relatively unknown to me. This shuffle starts with two of my fave groups, but with rare numbers from them.
3 – Spirit on the Water. Bob Dylan. Modern Times. [7:42/14:59] We continue the draft touch of this shuffle: core in terms of singer or group, but with the song itself one of the lesser heard numbers.
4 – All the Way. Brian McKnight (with Kenny G). Paradise. [4:18/19:17] Still not yet touching a number that would be in the top thousand if I ranked them all precisely, although it does still belong on my device.
5 – 4th of July, Adbury Park (Sandy). Bruce Springsteen. The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. [5:36/24:53] Ah, there we go, at least into my top 500, maybe even top 250. This is one I enjoy dancing to, singing to, great great Bruce.
6 – Romeo and Juliet. Dire Straits. Alchemy. [8:17/33:10] Another in my top 500! And we’re going to easily break the 2-hour ceiling on this shuffle if we keep pulling down these longer numbers. Not that I mind.
7 – Black Sunshine. Iggy Pop (with Rob Zombie). Past, Present & Future ` “` (Disc 1). [4:49/37:59] Back down to the lower quadrant: still belongs on the Zen, but ain’t up near the top.
8 – Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine. Bob Dylan. Biograph (Disc 1). [3:29/41:28] Two from Bob out of the first 8? That’s my Zen!
9 – Crow Jane. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Murder Ballads. [4:14/45:42]
10 – Elegy. Michael Maxwell. Elegance of Pachelbel. [7:15/52:57] Here’s an inversion!–a fave number by an artist I’d never even be able to pick out of a multiple choice police line-up!! This is my top fave from this CD we’ve listened to hundreds of times both awake and asleep.
11 – The Pretender. Jackson Browne. The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne. [5:51/58:48] Used to be the theme song for the sitcom of my life.
12 – Cocks ‘n’ Asses. Nick Cave. B-Sides & Rarities (Disc 1). [5:43/1:04:31] What and what? Let’s just say we won’t be queueing this one up on our poolside CD player. Meanwhile, we’ve crossed the 1-hour mark in record time; I need to pause here and recharge the Zen battery.

And will take the opportunity to sync 10 additional tracks: a few more episodes of The Writer’s Almanac, along with some recent episodes of Wait Wait. So when I pick it back up, the final 18 will be shuffled up out of 4350 tracks –
13 – Don’t Cry Blue. Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards. [2:44/1:07:15] Good song (although not my fave) from a great CD. (Dont you cry either, Cuddles.)
14 – Natasha. Rufus Wainwright. Want One. [3:28/1:10:43] Relaxing, maybe. But I never have gotten all that much into Wainwright, so this one might even rank in the lowest several hundred.
15 – Henry Lee. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Murder Ballads. [3:58/1:14:41] Not one of my top faves from Nick Cave, but shows how little emotion I feel toward Wainwright’s to call this one at least a thousand higher than that one stood. And as for randomization?-Note this is the second from Cave’s Murder Ballads CD.
16 – High Water. Bob Dylan. The Bootleg Series, Vol.8: Tell Tale Signs (Disc 1). [6:46/1:21:27] Still plugging away quite steadily toward a new record for shuffle duration.
17 – I’m a Changed Man. Otis Redding. Dreams to Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology (Disc 2). [2:22/1:23:49] Cutting down the average track time for this shuffle set, but not a bad track for rounding out the diversity.
18 – Easy Does It. Al Kooper. Easy Does It. [5:28/1:29:17] Belt it on out, Al! Blast from my 12th grade past! And “when I grew a little older….”
19 – How Beautiful are the Feet of Them. London Philharmonic Choir. Handel’s Messiah (Disc 2). [3:07/1:32:24] Another good one for rounding out the shuffle set’s diversity.
20 – By the Time I Get to Phoenix. Glen Campbell. The Very Best of Glen Campbell. [2:47/1:35:11] Ah yes, reaching back even further into high school day memories!
21 – On Again, Off Again. Sean Lennon. Friendly Fire. [3:18/1:38:29] Another mild diversity-widening track – as with Wainwright, I’ve never quite clicked with John’s kid the way I have done with Bob’s.
22 – I Shall Be Released. Bob Dylan. The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3. [2:10/1:40:39] My Zen has this mis-labeled (as is the case on several dozen scattered tracks, the source of the problem unknown) – the track being played is from the same CD, but is Santa Fé.
23 – She Belongs To Me. North Country. North Country: Pickin’ Bob Dylan. [3:26/1:44:05] And I don’t even know what they’re trying to pick here, but it sure doesn’t sound like She Belongs To Me. I suppose maybe it is, but . . .
24 – The Writer’s Almanac for 8/19/2009. [5:16/1:49:21] Ah cute! Only this past week did I begin downloading podcasts of The Writer’s Almanac, and already it’s creeping into my shuffles.
25 – O Caritas. Cat Stevens. Catch Bull at Four. [3:42/1:53:03] He should make sure to sing this one at any current concerts, especially if they ever let him set foot in the U.S. again.
26 – All Heaven Declares. Jack Hayford. Men in Worship. [2:28/1:55:31] Another good diversity-widening track.
27 – Coast of California. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2). [2:38/1:58:09] Now creeping toward that 2-hour mark.
28 – Across the Universe. The Beatles. Let It Be…Naked (Disc 1). [3:38/2:01:47] Finally passing the 2-hour threshold. We were originally stretching for a record on this shuffle, but then slowed down. We had reached the 2-hour mark on the 27th track for shuffle set #2 last week.
29 – People Ain’t No Good. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. The Boatman’s Call. [5:41/2:06:28] Nick gets the prize this shuffle, claiming three of the thirty slots.
30 – Don’t Fence Me In. Mitch Miller. Sing Along with Mitch. [2:05/2:08:33] And we come in slightly more than three minutes under last week’s duration record. Even so, a familiar one to close out this shuffle, fitting nicely with earlier selections from The Kingston Trio and Glen Campbell.

Written by macheide

23 August 2009 at 8:01 am

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  1. I have a hard time listening to Nick Cave because he leads me down a path to dark places. It’s actually part of my self-care to avoid certain music! I backed a singer on “Ain’t No Good” and almost started crying at the piano. Too much emotion, too much… Nick. On the other hand, Jimmy Webb’s classic “Phoenix,” as rendered by the so-sweet vocals (and twisted drug habits!) of Glen Campbell, brought back fond memories. I actually realized he must have written than song on the Short Line heading east from L.A., as I hit all the towns mentioned in order!

    Nice thought, this post. Liked it very much. Peace, Amy

    Sharp Little Pencil

    20 March 2012 at 11:19 pm

  2. There are certain poets and artists and others whom I avoid for similar reasons. I mean no condemnation nor do I shun. For me, reading them or listening to them would simply be tantamount to if I were to light up a Camel again. And I’ll choose my own way to go, when I do.

    In my playlists, Nick gets the same ideosynchratic exemption I give to Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me” or Young’s “A Man Needs A Maid.” I admit I don’t hear things the way every other living soul does, but then nor would I be like those who think I ought or judge me for not. Whatev.

    Jimmy Webb has always had a soft spot on my playlist.

    Meanwhile, my Zen mp3 player died while this blog was on its hiatus, and I seem to have misplaced several piles of the CDs that formed its repertoire. The iPod I got for my most recent birthday has maybe 3/4 of what the Zen had, with a mountain of apps probably keeping me from adding too much more. Still will get back around to another shuffle soon.

    Thanks for visiting. Peace.


    21 March 2012 at 9:35 am


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