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Zen Shuffle 3

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Shuffle 30 out of 4340 tracks, including 3 episodes of The Writer’s Almanac synced over this past week –
1 – I Can’t Keep from Crying, Sometimes. The Blues Project. Anthology (Disc 2). [4:27] Good Al Kooper to start this shuffle, but one I’ve rarely heard played.
2 – Colorado Trail. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2). [2:50/7:17] Not one of the ones on any of the several KT records I had during my childhood, so this one is relatively unknown to me. This shuffle starts with two of my fave groups, but with rare numbers from them.
3 – Spirit on the Water. Bob Dylan. Modern Times. [7:42/14:59] We continue the draft touch of this shuffle: core in terms of singer or group, but with the song itself one of the lesser heard numbers.
4 – All the Way. Brian McKnight (with Kenny G). Paradise. [4:18/19:17] Still not yet touching a number that would be in the top thousand if I ranked them all precisely, although it does still belong on my device.
5 – 4th of July, Adbury Park (Sandy). Bruce Springsteen. The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. [5:36/24:53] Ah, there we go, at least into my top 500, maybe even top 250. This is one I enjoy dancing to, singing to, great great Bruce.
6 – Romeo and Juliet. Dire Straits. Alchemy. [8:17/33:10] Another in my top 500! And we’re going to easily break the 2-hour ceiling on this shuffle if we keep pulling down these longer numbers. Not that I mind.
7 – Black Sunshine. Iggy Pop (with Rob Zombie). Past, Present & Future ` “` (Disc 1). [4:49/37:59] Back down to the lower quadrant: still belongs on the Zen, but ain’t up near the top.
8 – Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine. Bob Dylan. Biograph (Disc 1). [3:29/41:28] Two from Bob out of the first 8? That’s my Zen!
9 – Crow Jane. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Murder Ballads. [4:14/45:42]
10 – Elegy. Michael Maxwell. Elegance of Pachelbel. [7:15/52:57] Here’s an inversion!–a fave number by an artist I’d never even be able to pick out of a multiple choice police line-up!! This is my top fave from this CD we’ve listened to hundreds of times both awake and asleep.
11 – The Pretender. Jackson Browne. The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne. [5:51/58:48] Used to be the theme song for the sitcom of my life.
12 – Cocks ‘n’ Asses. Nick Cave. B-Sides & Rarities (Disc 1). [5:43/1:04:31] What and what? Let’s just say we won’t be queueing this one up on our poolside CD player. Meanwhile, we’ve crossed the 1-hour mark in record time; I need to pause here and recharge the Zen battery.

And will take the opportunity to sync 10 additional tracks: a few more episodes of The Writer’s Almanac, along with some recent episodes of Wait Wait. So when I pick it back up, the final 18 will be shuffled up out of 4350 tracks –
13 – Don’t Cry Blue. Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards. [2:44/1:07:15] Good song (although not my fave) from a great CD. (Dont you cry either, Cuddles.)
14 – Natasha. Rufus Wainwright. Want One. [3:28/1:10:43] Relaxing, maybe. But I never have gotten all that much into Wainwright, so this one might even rank in the lowest several hundred.
15 – Henry Lee. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Murder Ballads. [3:58/1:14:41] Not one of my top faves from Nick Cave, but shows how little emotion I feel toward Wainwright’s to call this one at least a thousand higher than that one stood. And as for randomization?-Note this is the second from Cave’s Murder Ballads CD.
16 – High Water. Bob Dylan. The Bootleg Series, Vol.8: Tell Tale Signs (Disc 1). [6:46/1:21:27] Still plugging away quite steadily toward a new record for shuffle duration.
17 – I’m a Changed Man. Otis Redding. Dreams to Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology (Disc 2). [2:22/1:23:49] Cutting down the average track time for this shuffle set, but not a bad track for rounding out the diversity.
18 – Easy Does It. Al Kooper. Easy Does It. [5:28/1:29:17] Belt it on out, Al! Blast from my 12th grade past! And “when I grew a little older….”
19 – How Beautiful are the Feet of Them. London Philharmonic Choir. Handel’s Messiah (Disc 2). [3:07/1:32:24] Another good one for rounding out the shuffle set’s diversity.
20 – By the Time I Get to Phoenix. Glen Campbell. The Very Best of Glen Campbell. [2:47/1:35:11] Ah yes, reaching back even further into high school day memories!
21 – On Again, Off Again. Sean Lennon. Friendly Fire. [3:18/1:38:29] Another mild diversity-widening track – as with Wainwright, I’ve never quite clicked with John’s kid the way I have done with Bob’s.
22 – I Shall Be Released. Bob Dylan. The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3. [2:10/1:40:39] My Zen has this mis-labeled (as is the case on several dozen scattered tracks, the source of the problem unknown) – the track being played is from the same CD, but is Santa Fé.
23 – She Belongs To Me. North Country. North Country: Pickin’ Bob Dylan. [3:26/1:44:05] And I don’t even know what they’re trying to pick here, but it sure doesn’t sound like She Belongs To Me. I suppose maybe it is, but . . .
24 – The Writer’s Almanac for 8/19/2009. [5:16/1:49:21] Ah cute! Only this past week did I begin downloading podcasts of The Writer’s Almanac, and already it’s creeping into my shuffles.
25 – O Caritas. Cat Stevens. Catch Bull at Four. [3:42/1:53:03] He should make sure to sing this one at any current concerts, especially if they ever let him set foot in the U.S. again.
26 – All Heaven Declares. Jack Hayford. Men in Worship. [2:28/1:55:31] Another good diversity-widening track.
27 – Coast of California. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2). [2:38/1:58:09] Now creeping toward that 2-hour mark.
28 – Across the Universe. The Beatles. Let It Be…Naked (Disc 1). [3:38/2:01:47] Finally passing the 2-hour threshold. We were originally stretching for a record on this shuffle, but then slowed down. We had reached the 2-hour mark on the 27th track for shuffle set #2 last week.
29 – People Ain’t No Good. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. The Boatman’s Call. [5:41/2:06:28] Nick gets the prize this shuffle, claiming three of the thirty slots.
30 – Don’t Fence Me In. Mitch Miller. Sing Along with Mitch. [2:05/2:08:33] And we come in slightly more than three minutes under last week’s duration record. Even so, a familiar one to close out this shuffle, fitting nicely with earlier selections from The Kingston Trio and Glen Campbell.

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