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Sunday Shuffle 2

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30 Shuffle 2: 30 “random” selections from 4332 tracks on my Zen Vision:M –
1 – Have a Talk with God. Stevie Wonder. Songs in the Key of Life (Disc 1). [2:42]
2 – Parker’s Band. Steely Dan. Pretzel Logic. [2:45/5:27]
3 – Too Much of Nothing. Bob Dylan. The Basement Tapes (Disc 2) [3:03/8:30] This shuffle has started out just a step or two off the beaten track – not all that unusual to my main tastes, but not the most commonly heard of tunes.
4 – Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You. Bob Dylan. Nashville Skyline. [3:23/11:53] Ah, that’s a little closer to center. I sing along on this one, even think of scooting it back to replay it again before shuffling along.
5 – Alone. Kenny G. Breathless. [5:28/17:21]
6 – All I Taste Today is What’s Her Name. From Autumn to Ashes. The Fiction We Live. [3:41/21:02] Odd bit of shuffle, this one is so far.
7 – Worried Life Blues. John Cephas. Homemade. [3:18/24:20] And the oddness continues. All these do belong on my Zen, but they do a job at showing off some of the odd corners I listen to.
8 – Slow Train. Bob Dylan. Slow Train Coming. [5:58/30:18] Even when it does try to get to the center of the room, it’s somewhat off in another building altogether. Again, belongs; but again, not one you’d see listed among the most common to come to mind during any typical stray open moment.
9 – Spirit on the Water. Bob Dylan. Modern Times. [7:42/38:00] The shuffle maintains its rep.
10 – For Lovin’ Me / Did She Mention My Name. [3:29/41:29] A week of traffic since track 29 on the first shuffle, but this still comes soon enough to lend more emphasis to the off-beaten-track feel of the rest of the rest of this shuffle.
11 – Dink’s Song (Minneapolis Hotel Version). Bob Dylan. No Direction Home. [5:02/46:31] And speaking of mixing the norm (doesn’t get any more so than for another Bob to come up) with the unusal (this is as much so as if it were brand new).
12 – Nobody Does It Better. Carly Simon. Reflections: Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits. [3:44/50:15] Makes one feel sad for the rest.
13 – Pressing On. Chicago Mass Choir. Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan. [6:07/56:22] Ditto the mixture of norm with abnorm.
14 – Tempus Vernum. Enya. A Day Without Rain. [2:24/58:46]
15 – Bridge Over Troubled Water. Johnny Cash. [3:55/1:02:41] LOL, it really doesn’t mix up much better than this classic cover!
16 – I Shall Be Released. Bob Dylan. The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961-1991 (Disc 2). [3:56/1:06:37] The parenthetical in the CD title says it well: although this particular song is one of my Dylan faves, this shuffle can’t even manage to key up the usual version.
17 – Bunch of Lonesome Heroes. Leonard Cohen. Songs From a Room. [3:12/1:09:49] But for me, this is dead center: from the first Lennie album I had, sung for the crickets even.
18 – Lonesome Suzie. The Band. Music from Big Pink. [4:04/1:13:53] Coincidence of this shuffle: two songs in a row about the lonesome ones.
19 – Blue Boy. Jim Reeves. The Unforgettable Jim Reeves. [2:12/1:16:05] And we can call this a moderate extension of that coincidence: Jim doesn’t sing “lonesome,” but he does sing of being “lonely” and the song does fit well enough with the previous two to give us a shuffle trifecta.
20 – Moments to Remember. Barry Manilow. The Greatest Songs of the Fifties. [3:34/1:19:39] How to wreck to beautiful classic: it’s “we’ll,” Barry.
21 – Beethoven. [7:06/1:26:45] Identified on the Zen as “track 4,” one of many tracks I’ve not got clearly enough marked to know for sure exactly which Beethoven this is.
22 – Sonata for Flute & Piano: Cantilena. Poulenc: Chamber Music. [4:10/1:36:55] Sweetly melancholic.
23 – All Things New Again. The Wallflowers. Rebel, Sweetheart. [3:44/1:40:39]
24 – Barges. Ralph McTell. From Clare to Here: The Songs of Ralph McTell. [4:03/1:44:42] One of Ralph’s best.
25 – This Dream of You. Bob Dylan. Together Through Life. [5:54/1:50:36] From his most recent CD!
26 – Ballad of Ira Hayes. Peter Lafarge. [3:26/1:54:02] And sorely regretting not having Dylan’s cover of this on my Zen.
27 – Racing in the Streets. Bruce Springsteen. Darkness on the Edge of Town. [6:54/2:00:56] Yes, and it’s about time: the Boss finally puts in an appearance on the shuffles.
28 – The Mountains of Mourne. The Kingston Trio. The Capitol Years (Disc 2) [2:51/2:03:47] Not one of the Kingston Trio tunes I recall from my childhood.
29 – You’ve Got a Friend. James Taylor. The Best of James Taylor. [4:29/2:08:16]
30 – If We Try. Don McLean. American Pie & Other Hits. [3:32/2:11:46]

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