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Off Clonidine

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At my most recent doctor’s appointment this past week, I was advised to phase off clonidine in favor of lisinopril, which is said to be better relative to a very minor heart abnormality they found on my stress test.

My BP has bumped around a little getting used to the switch, but does seem to be settling back down to what have generally been typical figures for me.

Both the lisinopril and the amlodipine – which they started me on about a month or so ago – cause dizziness. Which for me has meant brief bouts of near narcolepsy, when the dizziness has been abrupt enough to drop me straight over a cliff, if only for a few seconds. But which does seem to have been tapering off.

(Oh, and yes I do have that dry cough they told me the lisinopril might bring along for the ride.)

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Written by macheide

1 July 2009 at 8:25 am

Posted in specimen


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