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Bloomberg’s Fake Magic

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Same way as CNBC’s corporate policy requiring rudeness eventually turned me off, now Bloomberg’s done them one better. Already the Magic Jack commercials had been unbearably obnoxious. But this morning they hit the level of inhumane insanity: two Magic Jack commercials per commercial break!

At first I joked about it, thinking they’d blundered in their programming. After four successive commercial breaks with the same waterboarding technique, it became sadly clear how low Bloomberg’s standards had dug below the cesspoll they’d already been swimming in.

Any TV station – but particularly a station broadcasting what purports to be informational, educational programming – must accept responsibility for all of its content, including whether or not the commercials alienate its viewers. Either Bloomberg doesn’t give a damn, or else it’s worse: this Magic Jack blitz is not really all that different from the quality of any of the rest of Bloomberg’s content.

So let’s lighten up our TV news favorites listing and send Bloomberg off to join Fox, wandering out there talking to themselves. There are better places one can go to get financial news without putting up with such junk. Bloomburg’s no longer on my TV because it no longer cares about what matters.

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Written by macheide

18 June 2009 at 7:34 am

Posted in television


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