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Would it have been too much trouble to advise everyone who woke up at this ungodly hour for the scheduled shuttle launch that they could go back to sleep?

Bad enough that one of the local stations briefly flashed a live video of the shuttle on the launch pad, but made no comment about that brief glimpse as they raced off to a batch of worthless commercials, then ignored the launch completely upon finally returning to the morning news. Or that what passes as “Headline News” didn’t appear to have any about the shuttle at any point during the entire past hour.

What’s unforgiveable is that the NASA channel was broadcasting stale history programming, without so much as a ticker or text message on the screen informing viewers that a hydrogen leak had forced the launch to be cancelled.

Why bother the expense of broadcasting a NASA channel if NASA’s key event of the morning goes completely ignored?

For that matter, why should I care to continue to have so useless a channel cluttering up any of our TV’s favorites listings?

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Written by macheide

17 June 2009 at 3:53 am

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