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on chase

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riding th jersey commuter train in and back out repeatedly, without ever getting either to work or to home [not a typical frustration dream, such as when i can’t manage to get th correct numbers for a phone call; rather, simply never got to one end of th line before it was time to head back th other direction]

special coins back in change from th man who sold newspapers and coffee. i’d been th only one to talk with him and tip him for my coffee, so he began including rare coins he’d found over th years in what he gave me as change, such as one silver dollar on which th mint neglected to stamp a date and another silver dollar where th design was about 10 times too big so that only a portion of it showed on th coin

in th background, i heard th kingston trio’s new irish brogue [within th dream i recognized th song as one i’d never heard before, so while still dreaming i strove to remember it so maybe i could bring it outside th dream, then sure enough it was singing – music quite clear, some of th words still intact – during the early activities of my morning after waking]

“chase is mad at me” you said [i could feel myself waking over concern at this, so tried to remain asleep and in th dream in order to find out why. neither still dreaming nor yet consciously awake, my thinking was that chase was mad at you because they had discovered that you had set up a new credit card under another name, because you were concerned that you needed to establish an independent financial identity, in th event that i might leave as you were fearing i would]

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15 June 2009 at 4:04 am

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