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New Numbers

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There are none. New numbers, that is. No matter how high we count, all those numbers were already ancient before we counted them.

That said, 6791 may be recycled, but we’re hoping it will serve suitable replacement to 6253. Which had increasingly been getting worse than old, to the point of suffering dementia, dangerously so.

You’re the first to get my new cell phone number. And like how I’ve felt more freedom via locking up all my blogging, a very large part of me would love to restrict the new contact solely to you.

But of course Kelly, Natalie, and Jenny should have the new number. And eventually, if you think so, Brian and Lisa and any other close family who might have need to reach me.

Then at some point early within the next week, I will pass it along to my IRS contacts, including the ones who call the cell phone for conference calls when I work from home. I can’t recall, but I think there might also be a central government information base where I ought to change the number.

But then I might draw the line there. For now, Marjorie can always still send pension updates or any other exchanges via e-mail, versus text message to my cell phone. And my doctors have the house number and your cell phone number. Gradually I expect to loosen the line to include these and maybe similar others, but I want to do that expansion much more cautiously than I’ve done in the past.

And this will likely mark the end of me using my cell phone to update Facebook, Twitter (ne Skitch), YouTube, Google calendar, or any other text messaging connection to blogging or social networking, since all the connections I’d set up remain identified with the old cell number. Oh well, at least I did touch the sky – just before I turned around and made everything so private that my sidebar went belly up and before I changed this cell phone number, I had reached a point with aftermath that while yet still quite incomplete nevertheless did amply illustrate the vision I had way back at LiveJournal, of a sort of “cloud” blogging that would integrate all the different facets of my life. But if I really did touch the sky ever so briefly, I never did dream of flying on and on and on with it. So as pieces of the sidebar start to rust and dry up, so too I may miss the cell phone updates for a very brief spell, but then won’t miss it any more than some of the Internet stuff we all used to do a decade ago (such as, somethingfishy chat).

All in all, I still only have my cell phone primarily for what I first got one for: in the case of need to contact you, or for you to contact me. All else – even the IRS contacts – are not worth any trouble of even having the phone. So the less who know this new number, the better off I’ll be.

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13 June 2009 at 10:44 pm

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on too many kittens

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i heard myself in an angry outburst at one of th kids of th household we were visiting. during our lunch with them, he had apparently questioned th truth of something i had been saying, doubting i had ever taken any med at all for high bp. i screamed at him again about how i should have been taking it almost my entire life but had already been taking it too many years to count, yelled at him for picking on me when he so obviously knew nothing at all, nothing. th entire table was subdued over my outburst. i was so livid that i had difficulty returning to my eating, got upset over dripping some of th juice from th meat on my trousers

diagonally across th corner from where we were eating, we noticed a stray kitten creep into our garage, up close to th street at chesnut ave. then another stray, then another. i counted more than 20. we already had 5 cats, so had no room to take in any of these. th exterminator came with a big truck that blocked th street, putting ducts through th front windows to blow in dust that would work on th fleas, but also giving us some cannisters of more dust we would have to spread through th house over th coming days. since we couldn’t yet go back into th house because of th exterminator’s dust, you walked around on th sidewalk, pocketing your cell phone while using th house phone to call animal control about maybe taking some of th kittens away. it was sunday, and an automated message on animal control’s answering machine told us that for stray kittens, we would have to wait 30 days then call them back if th kittens were still there. you told one of th exterminator’s workmen – who were relaxing on break before a job across th street – that 30 days would mean th kittens would be just about to start up with th next round, since they were already almost old enough to have more kittens of their own

inside th house, which now was like th madison place, we were going through th house inspecting and dusting with our cannisters. i paused near th sunroom doors, wanting to hold you and tell you about how this was one of my most favorite spots of this home, was one of th reasons i was happy to be living here again with you. but when we tried to turn on th wall light, it sputtered sparks, bad connection that could short out and start a fire if we neglected it much longer

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13 June 2009 at 4:04 am

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