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Sick Cell Phone Anemia

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Verizon has a webpage that probably deserves a periodic visit: Fraud and Scam Alerts. HowStuffWorks has another piece about How Cell-phone Viruses Work that also deserves a read.

I think it’s high time we get some good antivirus software running on our laptops. Particularly if my laptop is going to be peeking around looking for bluetooth devices to link up with. (And it would be a good idea for me to figure out how to turn that off, since I don’t really use any connection between my laptop and anything else, such as my cell phone.)

We’ll be heading over to Verizon today or tomorrow to request a new cell phone number for me. I don’t know if anyone at the local stores can answer this for me, but I’ll want to be sure that getting a new phone number is not going to be just a waste of time if my cell phone software itself has somehow picked up a virus.

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12 June 2009 at 6:34 am

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