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Aging Neck Muscle

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Somehow I have managed to pull a muscle in my neck. Right side, running from just below the ear all the way down to my shoulder bone. The Trapezius muscle, I think.

Turning in bed to find out that the morning alarm was still some four hours off, probably. So that I couldn’t just lie in bed waiting for it before going to the bathroom. Twice in fifteen minutes, both with heavy bowel movements. Which may have been what woke me. From a very sound and restful sleep. Which had begun overtaking me even before the Powerpuff Girls saved the world.

Kelly says there’s a nerve in there that might be part of my problem this morning. Made it difficult to get comfortable for sleep after my mid-morning bathroom breaks. Being on the side it is, hurt trying to shave right-handed, but I don’t shave too well with the other hand. Felt good getting hot water on it in the shower, but I decided pretty quickly that I wouldn’t do so well commuting into the office today as originally planned.

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11 June 2009 at 6:32 am

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