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LJ @ 102 graphOK, who had June 9 in the office pool for the date when the Internet ranking for LiveJournal would slip out of the top 100? Yesterday it did so: 102.

This Alexa graph shows LiveJournal (steadily declining blue) charted against fad Twitter (wildly increasing gold…temporarily so, but still leaping up over LJ) and the horse we switched to shortly after the left edge of this chart, WordPress (red, steadily increasing and with solid staying power).

LiveJournal’s long decline will continue indefinitely, for exactly the same reasons the decline began in the first place: its management is out of touch with what its market wants and needs. And even with all its polls and advisory committees and community discussions and all the other smoke and mirrors, doesn’t really give a damn.

Obviously, WordPress can only climb but so high, since they can never have a negative ranking (and may never reach much higher than around rank 20). But check back in a year from now, and that wedge between LiveJournal and WordPress will be even wider than it has grown here, since LiveJournal will find no floor in how far down they drop.

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Written by macheide

10 June 2009 at 3:15 pm

Posted in reprobate


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