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LJ @ 102 graphOK, who had June 9 in the office pool for the date when the Internet ranking for LiveJournal would slip out of the top 100? Yesterday it did so: 102.

This Alexa graph shows LiveJournal (steadily declining blue) charted against fad Twitter (wildly increasing gold…temporarily so, but still leaping up over LJ) and the horse we switched to shortly after the left edge of this chart, WordPress (red, steadily increasing and with solid staying power).

LiveJournal’s long decline will continue indefinitely, for exactly the same reasons the decline began in the first place: its management is out of touch with what its market wants and needs. And even with all its polls and advisory committees and community discussions and all the other smoke and mirrors, doesn’t really give a damn.

Obviously, WordPress can only climb but so high, since they can never have a negative ranking (and may never reach much higher than around rank 20). But check back in a year from now, and that wedge between LiveJournal and WordPress will be even wider than it has grown here, since LiveJournal will find no floor in how far down they drop.

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10 June 2009 at 3:15 pm

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Split Shift

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I recognize it, I admit it, I confess it: Were it possible, I would love to let last week’s episode – our country’s top senior pension attorney unexpectedly folding, accepting the position I had established – would mark a very fitting end to a very full and satisfying career.

That single event echoing and balancing out all of the singular events in my early work, and providing more than ample proof that I had not simply gone on coast a decade ago. But I need no further confirmation, no further additions to a resume I no longer need.

And I am finding no further interest in my work after that moment last week. Not yet, anyway.

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10 June 2009 at 9:55 am

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La Macheide

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In the case of “Prufrock”, though, Eliot obviously wants to avoid that “contract”. He wants the poem to sound like the “rambling” of an old man; perfect, symmetrical or predictable meter would run counter to that goal. Instead, he surprises us with each line, all within its scrambled heterometrical structure. IMHO, this is a significant part of the beauty and innovation in “Prufrock”. (It also explains its alleged role as “la Macheide” in debates over the subsequent decline of metrical work and study but we can leave that discussion for another day.)

comment to a post under the blog for the poetry foundation

Another day? Oh, let’s not delay another!

Search “macheide” on Google, on Microsoft’s new Google-wannabe Bing, contributing to Cornerstone Recovery via GoodSearch (powered by the Yahoo! search engine), on Excite, or on just about any other Internet Search engine, and perhaps upwards of 95% of the search results will point to one of my own footprints (including my own websites, mrs macheide’s websites, or discussions pointing to me or to her), with most of the remaining links arising from German chess players, topped off with a small handful of links pointing to Lasker’s philosophical treatise wherein he created the word “macheide” and its concept.

Throughout the thousands of links comprising that collection, the quote above stands out quite unique: obviously drawing no reference to me, it uses the term “la macheide” in a non-chess discussion, on a topic very near and dear to my heart – poetry! indeed, about an issue of poetics that has always been of extreme interest to me!! And does so in a very natural manner that seems to presume that the other readers will naturally understand the reference! Then is not questioned by any of those other readers about that statement!

Yet any followup Internet searches on “la macheide” or on “the macheide” or on any other restricted reference do nothing more than make it easier to find references to the Lasker origin of the concept.

Since when have poetics experts become so natural with the macheide concept as to use it so fluently?! I’m not complaining that they do – their reference is quite exquisite! Just . . . I feel a bit left out. Now I want those lectures or treatises or discussions that led this commenter to so naturally, so correctly, so appropriately call on the name ‘macheide’ in this non-chess context.

Consider that a new Internet research expedition I shall undertake. Possibly commencing with simply contacting the author of the comment.

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10 June 2009 at 6:06 am

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