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Good News Bad News

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I’ve started a ning discussion topic on the decisions and planning toward this coming autumn’s changes in babysitting, with at least the addition of Griffin, possibly the loss of the company of Jayden, and how it will be to babysit Kya in the new settings. Let me know if there is anything I can do, even if just to listen to your thoughts, concerns, hopes, questions, whatever.

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7 June 2009 at 6:45 pm

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Live But Private

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annotare is now a private journal.

If I can’t figure out how to open it up selectively, so that I get to choose who may view it, then I may eventually kill it as a separate blog and pull its content up into an aftermath category. Which it could be, although not without squeezing some round peg into a square hole. I’ve been using MSN Live blog annotare for collecting comments on news events, almost like a cyberspace version of what I do all the time verbally watching the everyday news. And although I’d not yet finished stretching out my legs with annotare, doing such current events commenting via a separate blog, with RSS feed into an aftermath sidebar space, was offering me additional features that a simple aftermath category will probably not give me without much struggle and compromise. For instance, starting to build a separate favorites list and blogroll that would be specifically oriented toward current events tracking, versus attempting to segregate those contact points within WordPress’ structure while still linking that segregated sublist up with the current events aftermath category posts themselves.

Without going into any greater detail here, annotare was starting to shape up into being one of the primary illustrations of a design I had been building toward, a sort of “cloud” blogging style, where multiple blogs were being woven into one, giving more depth to my blogging than any one blog with any single service could ever dream of providing.

Alas, I’ve decided that I can not blog for myself and for you and for simply allowing the Internet world at large a glance at that, without sacrificing privacy I desire and need, no matter how open or veiled my writing itself is. So the past week or so, I’ve locked up aftermath, stripped out Twitter, and rendered Skitch pictures available on an invitation-only basis.

And with signs that MSN Live – which is a loose conglomerate of services under which annotare is being built – had been compromised in a way I do not wish to see pursued, this had to be the next step. Nice, that with annotare I didn’t have to do things like with the still-very-elementary Twitter, where full privacy was attainable only by deleting all of the past and by electing to never again Twitter anything at all. As indicated earlier in this post, until I can refine the new settings, even you can’t see annotare anymore. But for the moment, at least that means nobody else can either. And I can work with future changes better from that perspective than from where it was viewed yesterday.

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7 June 2009 at 5:50 am

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