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All Tripped Out

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Nice not to have some flight back that leaves so early in the morning that we have to roll out of our hotel bed at 5am. On the other hand, we probably could have settled for less than a nonstop trip back, scheduling ourselves earlier than we did, to save ourselves having to sit around BWI close to six hours.

But that wasn’t so bad, especially if we just fold the relaxation in as the punctuation mark on a very good, very relaxing vacation week. When really, about the only difference between crashing a few hours on the front end of our flight home in a BWI rocking chair versus crashing those same hours on the back end of that flight home in our cozy bedroom was the company of the kids and the pets.

And while that company was as always welcome, by the time we shut down for sleep weren’t we both already missing those times back up in Washington, D.C., when it was only the two of us?

So then let’s do it again soon. I’ve still got a whole month I can take, and we’ve got ourselves some Marriott points, and I don’t even need Andy’s gamesmanship to give me an excuse for taking some time off with you that was as good as this past week was!

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6 June 2009 at 10:47 pm

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