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Official Cardholders

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Relaxed start, but up and out early enough to be standing in line for Capitol tour tickets by noon. Price: one diet coke, which Susan was prohibited from bringing into the Capitol.

Within half an hour of joining the tour queue, we were watching the Capitol tour intro movie, then touring the Capitol – the Rotunda, Statuary Hall, the Crypt. Followed by purchase of cross stitch bookmarks – two, so I can use one to learn.

Lunch in the Capitol restaurant: pulled pork sandwiches for us both, plus clam chowder for me. Simple lunch, but it’s not every day one gets the chance to dine at the Capitol.

Brief detour to the Capitol exhibition hall, including getting 10 out of 10 on a congressional quiz and watching a short film about the House. If we’d dallied for the corresponding movie about the Senate or focused too much on the exhibits, our timing would have been bad for the Library.

Explored the underground tunnels from the Capitol to the Library of Congress, then from the Jefferson building to the Madison. Got ourselves library cards!!!

And immediately used our cards in the Law Library to request the Library of Congress’ copy of my book!!! Which I sincerely believe I was the first library user to ever touch. It was hard-bound!!

We had obtained our cards within the final hour of the day for doing so, with similar timing for inspecting my book. A mildly embarrassing little accident then almost sent us back to the hotel before dinner.

But walked past Neptune’s court cavorting in front of the Jefferson building, past the Supreme Court, and past the Senate office buildings, down to Union Station, where we ate dinner at the little restaurant perched up in the center of the main hall.

Back to the hotel in time to still make group A checking into Southwest for tomorrow’s flight back to Houston.

Too tired to relax down at the pool, nothing on TV, ending a great vacation with an evening so boring that Susan would rather have been doing laundry.

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