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Rainy Thursday

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Slow start. I was up several times early to sip morning coffee and clean out Twitter, but made it back to bed twice, once to pick up another 90 minutes of sleep.

Out shortly after noon for Subway sandwiches across the street . . . managing to pick up the sandwich of the next customer along with ours, and to nearly clear out the store’s supply of diet Coke!

Into town mid-afternoon. Drizzling when we emerged from Smithsonian station to head for the Air & Space Museum, sharing a small umbrella Susan had brought along. Saw “Cosmic Collisions” at Einstein Planetarium, narrated by Robert Redford, script by fools who haven’t read their Genesis closely enough. Hunted through the gift shop for the Little Black Book tourist guide. Decided to return to Museum of American Art, where we’d seen the book yesterday. Bought a Smithsonian umbrella in case it was still raining.

Good thing! – it rained steadily along the entire walk up to the art museum. Rolled up the bottoms of our jeans so we looked like Texas hicks, but had fun just the same.

Purchased the tour guide, then took a break for soda and ice cream, then purchased fuzzy pencils for Nat and Jen.

Up to the museum’s second floor, which we’d skipped yesterday. Saw a fantastic sculpture, fantastic paintings of Washington, and much nude art.

Dinner at Gordon Biersch near the museum, then back to the hotel, where I synched the two CDs purchased yesterday. Fell asleep to the first game of the NBA finals.

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4 June 2009 at 8:47 pm

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